FM7 at Red Bull Global Rallycross Sept. 9-10 and Oct. 14

T10 has announced to become a partner of Red Bull (rallycross). See here the full article:

IBTL there is no confirmation here that GRC cars/tracks or rallying of any kind will be featured in FM7. At this juncture, all it says is that the partnership will feature FM7 kiosks at the LA and Seattle events, as well as some “exclusive” DLC for attendees, which I’m guessing will be a GRC-liveried car for F:H3 or FM7 or driver gear.

“Red Bull Global Rallycross is pleased to partner with Turn 10 Studios’ Forza Motorsport 7 for on-site experiences and giveaways at the series’ upcoming events in Seattle and Los Angeles. Fans attending the races can demo Forza Motorsport 7 on both Xbox One X and Windows 10 PCs in both driving simulators and standing kiosks, with each participant walking away with exclusive DLC. In addition, attendees will also get a chance to play for copies of Forza Motorsport 7, Xbox One Bundles, and more.”

The context matters.

Still, fun opportunity for fans who can attend. I’m assuming the DLC is Driver Gear.

aweeee I got so amped by that title man… I thought rally courses and such were in.

It does make a rally expansion much more likely though. Normally when partnered with big names something happens. And who knows… we don’t know ALL the ribbons, they COULD have rally themes tucked away for a surprise

^^^yeah title needs to change ASAP.

Not sure if this is FM7 or not

Tweet from Tanner Foust

I was just at the GRC event in Monroe, WA. They have 2 wheel setups (Logitech) and two controller setups. The game is FM7 but there’s no mention of rally in it that I saw. Just a demo of sorts. Felt good on the wheel though and looked good too.


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