Who is down for some FM62K15? We need to get everyone in on it this weekend, my TT Huracan is ready to rock! The racing will be TX2K style at Indianapolis Oval. The start line is the white line at pit in and you finish as you pass over the bricks. TX2K rules, good passes are made as the inside car (Closest to the infield of the track) will set the pace and you cross the start line between 55mph-65mph. It will be run what you want, no cheater cars (Like the 1k pound lotus I think it is), TX2K or T.I. roll race type cars preferably, I was thinking late Saturday night around 10:00 p.m. EST. My GT is bens98gt of course and just shoot me a message on XBL or on this post if you have any questions!

I need Gold! I would definitely be in if it wasn’t for that.

Maybe we could start an every weekend thing? Here’s a few recommendations I have for rules:

Car must weigh 2000lbs
No hyper cars (P1, Bugatti SS, LaFerrari, Venom, etc.)
Separate awd class
One lap warm up to heat tires
Ramming or purposely crossing into other cars path will be grounds for DQ
Cars must be within half car length at starting point
Elimination style bracket

Let me know what ya think.

That would be sweet, most of us do not have time every weekend though. Cars must at least weigh 2k pounds is a great rule and for now I do not mind a few Hyper Cars, I have not tuned and ran some and the ones I have ran run as fast as my TT Huracan. it would be a good idea to not run Hyper Cars for now though. AWD can be a separate class, AWD is slower though, there may not be a point in making a different class. Your #4 is great and #5-#7 is what we do pretty much. Your #6 I forgot to put in my OP and all lol. All in all those are great ideas, look me up when you get Gold, we are always racing and playing around.

Yeah I definitely will. Up until recently I worked every Saturday (2nd shift at that), and with two kids I never had time to play online, they’re older now so I’ve got a little daddy time lol.

Your point on awd makes sense, but maybe sense they are slower it would be all right to make a separate group. As far as the hyper cars, after looking through the cars, and horsepower numbers I think most of the hyper cars would have a time keeping up with our built cars. But, that’s something we will have to figure out as we go. I would like to work with you about setting this up if you don’t mind. I’ll try to get gold as soon as I can though. Maybe we can get some more people on board too.