FM6 vs GT7? What do you think?

Considering GT6 would have been better placed against FM4 than 5 (having played both GT6 and FM5), which of the two games would you buy (assuming the impossible, that GT7 comes out on XBox, and prices are equal)

What do I think. hmmmmm… I think perhaps a bit premature to ask or answer that question. Also think the answer to your question will depend on personal choice. So, personally and considering that 98% of my gameplay is on racing games and considering that I’ve played GT 3,4,5 and 6 as well as Forza 3,4,and 5 and considering too little is known on either forthcoming games [Forza 6 and GT7], I would say Forza 4 remain tops by quite a distance. Many will most probably differ, but as I’ve said, it’s personal choice.

With little information on both games I would base my decision on the previous iterations.

I played both GT6 and FM5. The one thing I heard from GT7 is the cars will again be carried over from older systems. Leaving graphics out of the equation, the cons of GT6 are just too great in my opinion. The pros being more cars, day/night cycles, and tracks. I can’t comment on the physics because I don’t know how a real race car feels, but both games felt similar. The sound effects are terrible, both engines and collisions, you can’t put paint designs on cars, and you cannot interact with cars in your garage. The whole experience feels cold and unengaging. Going back to FM5 makes me feel involved with the cars and the experience and that is about the biggest plus in my book.

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Depends on how good fm6 will be. If its anything like 5 then id go for GT7.

They haven’t made a good GT game since the PS2 days.