FM6 tune set up help

When I check the downloadable tune set ups i cant see the drivetrain on any I’m sure I could see the drivetrain on the first couple I downloaded any one know a fix for this issue

Can you see if a car is rwd or awd when looking at the downloadable set ups? I can see the drivetrain on horizon 2 but not on forza 6.

After you download it you can remove the setup and see if you have a drivetrain swap in your parts list.

To do this you have to make sure you have not previously done a drivetrain swap in the car. If you have buy the same car and only download the tune you have questions about. Also if you go to the Test Drive section of the Upgrade Shop and go to a track and use the follow view. Then slam the gas and pan the view to side view you should be able to see which tires are spinning. Of course make sure you dont have traction control on while doing this.