FM6 Tune Manager

I have been seeing various ways/formats on how tunes for Forza 6 were posted/shared. Some clearer than others… Some just post a terrible screenshot of their TV, others only post those settings that were changed and even a lot of posts with typo’s. Therefore I wanted to create a standard way of posting tunes so they are easier to read and more uniform globally.

This program is written to be able to save your tunes to your PC in 1 standard way. You can save up to 9 file’s for the same track & car combo. This program cannot be used to calculate tunes for you, it is only for saving, printing and sharing tunes you have made in the game.

Please download the setup program from HERE. Full V6.0.0 package.
Unpack the ZIP file and run setup.exe to install the program.
If you get a runtime error please also run the VBRun60.exe (Can also be downloaded from HERE). This will install the VB6 runtime files.
Works best on screen resolution of 1280x960 or larger.

Please let me know what you think.

The file this program generates for saving, sharing and printing looks like this (Bogus tune, just as an example):
27-9-2015 - Sebring Full Circuit - Ferrari #1 Scuderia Ferrari 312T2 Standard Edition

Engine Swap: v12
Drivetrain: AWD
Aspiration Conversion: Single Turbo

Air Filter: Stock
Carburettor: Stock
Intake Manifold & Throttle Body: Stock
Fule System: Stock
Ignition: Stock
Exhaust: Stock
Camshaft: Stock
Valves: Stock
Displacement: Stock
Pistong and Compression: Stock
Supercharger: Street
Single Turbo: Stock
Twin Turbo: Stock
Intercooler: Stock
Oil and Cooling: Stock
Flywheel: Stock
Restrictor: Stock

–Platform and Handling
Brakes: Stock
Springs: Stock
Front Anti-Rollbar: Stock
Rear Anti-Rollbar: Stock
Rollcage: Stock
Weight Reduction: Stock

Clutch: Stock
Transmission: Stock
Driveline: Stock
Differential: Stock

–Tires and Rims
Tire Compound: Drag
Front Tire Width: 2
Rear Tire Width: 2
Rim Style: 2
Front Rim Size: 2
Rear Rim Size: 2

–Aero and Appereance
Front Bumper: Race
Rear Wing: Race
Rear Bumper: Race
Bonnet: 2
Skirts: 2
Front Pressure: 2
Rear Pressure: 2

Final Drive: 2
1st Gear: 2
2nd Gear: 2
3rd Gear: 2
4th Gear: 2
5th Gear: 2
6th Gear: 2
7th Gear: 2
8th Gear: 2

Front Camber: 2
Rear Camber: 2
Front Toe: 2
Rear Toe: 2
Front Caster: 2

–Anti-Roll Bars:
Front: 2
Rear: 2

Front: 2
Rear: 2
Front Height: 2
Rear Height: 2

Front Rebound: 2
Rear Rebound: 2
Front Bump: 2
Rear Bump: 2

Front Downforce: 2
Rear Downforce: 2

Brake Balance: 2
Brake Pressure: 2

Front Acceleration: 2
Front Deceleration: 2
Rear Acceleration: 2
Rear Deceleration: 2
Balance: 2

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Looks nice. I’m not the sharpest computer guy, is this for Windows only?

Yes sorry Foot, also works on Windows 10.

Ooh… It’s so pretty.

I like it, thank you Leceur!

even though i do not tune any more i am going to get this , will you be releasing any skins for this to ?

No, I had different backgrounds, but it made the program look messy with all the text and fields on top if it. The black carbon is more relaxing :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing! Will certainly check this out. I primarily use a Mac, yet, will dust off my other laptop (Win7).


been converting all of the fm4 and fm5 tunes i have written down using this . taking a screen shot of this and adding in the car track info for the older games through MS paint . this is by far the best 3rd party tool made IMO . thank you again for sharing your hard work .

Cheers Reaper, appreciate it. Was a dull Sunday anyway after an early F1 race :slight_smile:

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

Nice setup, I was actually making something similar for my own use and also for my garage but you beat me to it. I still may finish it though, what did you use VB or C# to create the program. Will download it and give you some feedback.

I am an old guy so I still use VB6 :slight_smile: