FM6 Tracks and Ribbons List

FM6 Tracks and Ribbons List

FM6 tracks and game modes
FM6 features circuit tracks, drag racing tracks, and a playground area for non-racing game modes. Career mode features circuit racing with some Autocross formats. Test Drive allows the player access to all circuit, drag, and open space tracks without a lap timer. Free Play allows local split-screen circuit racing. Rivals includes hotlapping circuits and dedicated modes for Autocross and Drifting. Multiplayer provides hopper lobbies (automatically changing tracks) for circuit, Drift, and Drag racing, and allows players to create a lobby for circuit, Drag, Drift, Multiclass, or Tag playground variants. There are no point-to-point tracks or modes.

Day, Night, and Rain
All track ribbons have daylight conditions. In addition, there are duplicate ribbons at seven locations with rain conditions, and six locations with duplicate ribbons for night conditions. Both rain and night have a physical effect on a car’s grip on the track. Race tires are automatically translated to wets to compensate for rain; street and sport tires do not automatically compensate. All cars can race on night tracks but some cars don’t have headlights, making navigation tricky. Popup headlights are automatically activated for night conditions. Neither rain nor night are dynamic (though rain intensity may vary by location) and there are no tracks with both rain and night at the same time.

Each completed lap records your fastest time ever for that track ribbon and car performance class. Leaderboards can be seen after a race and in Rivals. There are 90 daylight circuit ribbons, 22 rain ribbons, and 18 night ribbons for a total of 130 separately listed ribbons for each of nine classes (E, D, C, B, A, S, R, P, X). Rivals has a selection of four tracks with car restrictions for Drift leaderboards but there appear to be no leaderboards for Drag. Each leaderboard will show your position relative to the World, your Region, the car’s Division body type, your Friends, and a Hardcore list. If a leaderboard time has used a shared tuning setup, you can press A on the gamertag to download that tune for your own use.

Location list
Of the 26 locations, 22 are real world racing venues and 4 are original Turn 10 creations based on real settings.

  • Autodromo Nazionale Monza - circuit
  • Bernese Alps - circuit
  • Brands Hatch - circuit. Rain version.
  • Circuit de Catalunya - circuit
  • Circuit de Spa-Francochamps - circuit. Night version. Rain version.
  • Circuit of the Americas - circuit
  • Daytona International Speedway - circuit and oval. Night version.
  • Hockenheimring - circuit and drag strip
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway - circuit and oval
  • Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe - circuit. Night version. Rain version.
  • Lime Rock - circuit
  • Long Beach - circuit
  • Mazda Laguna Seca - circuit
  • Mount Panorama Circuit - circuit
  • Nurburgring - circuit. Night version
  • Prague - circuit
  • Rio de Janeiro - circuit
  • Road America - circuit
  • Road Atlanta - circuit
  • Sebring International Raceway - circuit. Night version. Rain version.
  • Silverstone Racing Circuit - circuit Rain version.
  • Sonoma Raceway - circuit and drag strip
  • Test Track Arena - circuit, drag strip, and playground space
  • Top Gear - circuit. Rain version.
  • Watkins Glen - circuit
  • Yas Marina Circuit - circuit. Night version.
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FM6 Track lengths

Distance in miles.

Drag Strips
Hockenheim - 0.25
Sonoma - 0.25
Airfield 2-car 0.25
Airfield 2-car 0.50
Airfield 2-car 1.00
Airfield 8-car 0.25
Airfield 8-car 0.50
Airfield 8-car 1.00

Test and Tag Playground
Airfield Open Space 0.75
Airfield Terminal 0.35
Airfield Hangars 0.36
Airfield Cargo Yard 0.28

Circuits with Rivals leaderboards
Alps Festival Day 3.63
Alps StadtPlatz Day 3.08
Alps Club Day 2.52
Alps Festival Rev Day 3.63
Alps StadtPlatz Rev Day 3.08
Alps Club Rev Day 2.52
Bathurst Full Day 3.86
Brands Hatch GP Day 2.43
Brands Hatch GP Rain 2.43
Brands Hatch Indy Day 1.21
Brands Hatch Indy Rain 1.21
Catalunya GP Day 2.89
Catalunya National Day 1.85
Catalunya School Day 1.06
COTA GP Day 3.24
COTA West Day 2.30
COTA East Day 1.23
Daytona 24 Hour Day 3.59
Daytona 24 Hour Night 3.59
Daytona Infield Day 2.94
Daytona Infield Night 2.94
Daytona Tri-Oval Day 2.50
Daytona Tri-Oval Night 2.50
Hockenheim Full Day 2.84
Hockenheim National Day 2.29
Hockenheim Short Day 1.64
Indianapolis GP Day 2.60
Indianapolis Oval Day 2.50
Indianapolis GP Classic Day 2.60
Indianapolis GP Alt Day 2.59
Sonoma Full Day 2.52
Sonoma GP Day 2.22
Sonoma Short Day 1.99
Laguna Seca Full Day 2.24
Le Mans La Sarthe Day 8.48
Le Mans La Sarthe Night 8.48
Le Mans La Sarthe Rain 8.48
Le Mans Bugatti Day 2.60
Le Mans Bugatti Night 2.60
Le Mans Bugatti Rain 2.60
Le Mans Classic Day 8.44
Le Mans Classic Night 8.44
Le Mans Classic Rain 8.44
Lime Rock Full Day 1.50
Lime Rock West Day 1.50
Lime Rock South Day 1.47
Lime Rock Full Alt Day 1.50
Long Beach Full Day 1.97
Long Beach East Day 1.34
Long Beach West Day 0.45
Monza Full Day 3.60
Monza Short Day 1.51
Monza Full Alt Day 3.59
Nurburgring Full Day 16.15
Nurburgring Full Night 16.15
Nurburgring Full Rain 16.15
Nurburgring Nordschleife Day 12.93
Nurburgring Nordschleife Night 12.93
Nurburgring Nordschleife Rain 12.93
Nurburgring GP Day 3.20
Nurburgring GP Night 3.20
Nurburgring GP Rain 3.20
Prague Full Day 3.51
Prague Short Day 1.82
Prague Full R Day 3.51
Prague Short R Day 1.82
Rio Full Day 3.83
Rio National Day 2.84
Rio Coast Day 1.32
Rio Mountain Day 1.01
Rio Mini Day 0.68
Rio Full R Day 3.83
Rio National R Day 2.84
Rio Coast R Day 1.32
Rio Mountain R Day 1.01
Rio Mini R Day 0.68
Road America Full Day 4.05
Road America East Day 2.19
Road America West Day 2.17
Road America Alt Day 4.12
Road America West Alt Day 2.20
Road Atlanta Full Day 2.54
Road Atlanta Club Day 1.77
Sebring Full Day 3.70
Sebring Full Night 3.70
Sebring Full Rain 3.70
Sebring Short Day 2.13
Sebring Short Night 2.13
Sebring Short Rain 2.13
Sebring Club Day 1.70
Sebring Club Night 1.70
Sebring Club Rain 1.70
Silverstone GP Day 3.19
Silverstone GP Rain 3.19
Silverstone International Day 2.25
Silverstone International Rain 2.25
Silverstone National Day 1.64
Silverstone National Rain 1.64
Spa Full Day 4.35
Spa Full Night 4.35
Spa Full Rain 4.35
TopGear Full Day 1.75
TopGear Full Rain 1.75
TopGear East Day 0.94
TopGear East Rain 0.94
TopGear West Day 0.80
TopGear West Rain 0.80
TopGear Loop Day 1.42
TopGear Loop Rain 1.42
TopGear East R Day 0.94
TopGear East R Rain 0.94
TopGear West R Day 0.80
TopGear West R Rain 0.80
TopGear Loop R Day 1.42
TopGear Loop R Rain 1.42
Watkins Glen Full Day 3.37
Watkins Glen Short Day 2.49
Watkins Glen Full Alt Day 3.36
Watkins Glen Short Alt Day 2.48
Yas Marina Full Day 3.45
Yas Marina Full Night 3.45
Yas Marina North Day 1.96
Yas Marina North Night 1.96
Yas Marina South Day 1.47
Yas Marina South Night 1.47
Yas Marina North Alt Day 1.43
Yas Marina North Alt Night 1.43
Yas Marina Corkscrew Day 2.95
Yas Marina Corkscrew Night 2.95
Airfield Full Circuit Day 1.74

Track stats

Cumulative length of all 130 circuit ribbons: 411.05 miles.
Cumulative length over 9 classes: 3699.45 miles

Shortest tracks

  • Long Beach West 0.45
  • Rio Mini 0.68
  • TopGear West 0.80
  • TopGear East 0.94
  • Rio Mountain 1.01

Longest tracks

  • Nurburgring Full 16.15
  • Nurburgring Nordschleife 12.93
  • Le Mans La Sarthe 8.48
  • Le Mans Classic 8.44
  • Spa Full 4.35
  • Road America Alt 4.12
  • Road America Full 4.05
  • Bathurst Full 3.86
  • Rio Full 3.83
  • Sebring Full 3.70


Could be the Drag leaderboards can only be accessed via free play similar to FM5.

Did they bring back the cumulative leader-boards for each class like they had in FM4?

ManteoMax - that is a lot of work putting all of that together. Thank you for doing this!

Does anybody know how to put the tracks to rain or night time in private lobbies, Can only seem to see that it works in public, Any help is great thanks