FM6 server maintenance 2/24/16

Thnx for the heads up :wink:
Any change that someone here knows when they should be done?

Thanks for the info ManteoMax. Races gone crazy in leagues, so now know why. Thanks.

Seems to be fixed as I’ve just joined a league lobby.

Yep, all fine again.

Honestly I wouldn’t see the difference, maintenance or not.
I can rarely connect to the servers.

When i can’t connect to a lobby,all i do is click on restart console and no word of a lie once it comes back on i get straight into any of the lobbies.It doesn’t last for ever,but whenever i can’t connect i just restart it again.

Most times just backing out of the game and restarting it also helps, especially when I’ve been in the paint booth/rivals for some time. Don’t know why, but it works too.