FM6 Press Previews - first 90 minutes of video

Press have been given early early access to the first two hours of gameplay. As with FH2 last year, full reviews are apparently being held until closer to release.

Official Forza Motorsport 6 Launch Trailer from YouTube/Xbox
music: “Kings” by Tribe Society

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Yas is looking good at night also E class is back :smiley: judging from the second article im speculating that stuff like the 240SX will be among the starter cars

Just a quick fyi for those that saw the short gravel bit in the trailer.
It’s a car off track, not a rally/off road stage.

Night on the ring looks good.

Hmmmmm…I saw muscle cars racing on what seemed like dirt…interesting. (launch trailer)


The post above is correct. You can see the track from underneath the car. Ah well.

Car was off track.

Yeah, I figured that out about the time you posted, lol.

New video, oh yes daddy like

cant wait for this game, but am i seeing frame rate drops at the yas marina night race round turn 2,3,4 ?? about 15mins in

YouTube artifacts probably.

In the first video, assuming it wasn’t edited, did anyone else notice the glaring lack of loading screens going into Yas? Granted it could have been covered by the Mod tutorial, but the first few minutes seemed to flow very smoothly …

Could be the video player or the way it was uploaded

One thing I noticed from race footage was that every time you complete a lap there is a little Rivals popup showing who you beat and who your next target is. If that’s what I think it is then it seems that Rivals is directly integrated into your races rather than simply being an additional game mode (although I suspect there will be stannd-alone Rivals events too).

It was most obvious on IGN’s IndyCar video.

That happens in Forza 5 if I remember correctly

It does.

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Destructible tire walls?!?

Any chances to see Fast and Furious pack available for everyone?

From watching the polygon 90 min vid I LOVE that many drivatar keep hitting the crash barriers that are now preventing track cutting another thing I noticed is that PI has changed despite tunes being portable from 5 during the opening race game is paused and stuff in the mid A classes like the viper, r8 etc are now in S class which is interesting

Maybe I missed it in the videos, but there seems to be no more distinction between a clean lap and a dirty one?

It looks from the footage that you’ll have to unlock each volume as you go, as supposed to jumping into any series you want from the start. Am I right or wrong?

That’s the impression I have gotten so far. Going to be some unhappy people if that turns out to be the case.

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I don’t like the fact that the AUTO upgrade feature is back. I don’t mean that it automatically upgrades your car for you. I mean that the fact you HAVE to upgrade to be competitive against the A.I. Tuning the Sprinter Tureno from E287? to D399 is such a shame. I want to be able to see how well that “stock” tuned car really is against other “stock” tuned car models, not a poor handling version of the base car.

I hope that there is a “RACE AGAINST STOCK AI” option like there was in Forza 4. But I doubt it!!! Im sure its something to do with the Drivatars having to all be the same Car Level otherwise certain driviatars would never earn any credits because they wouldn’t be in a competitive car

Such a shame because I love trying to collect all the cars and race them all at least once to see how well they run against other cars in its class

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