FM6 Painting - Logo Database Idea

While compiling links to resources we painters could use I thought that after all these years it is high time we made our own database of automotive/racing/sponsor logos.

I was thinking we could create a gallery of some sort on an image hosting site so we can then link/post the images here in an organized fashion, based on categories such as:

Fuel, Oil and Lubricant
Internal Engine components
Aftermarket performance
Track logos and layouts
Emergency and Misc. decals

Would anyone be interested in such a project?


I would be interested in a doing something like this, I just am not sure what the best hosting site would be?

Got a ton of logos and I would love to help!

great innitiative!! I don’t use parts decals much but i reckon there are many people who do !

I have a couple from my pepper project design, so mostly Toyota related :wink:

Would be an epic list!

Ive got a list of logos compiled in spreadsheet can supply to get started.


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Good idea.

Additionally, due to the lack of gifting I recommend we also post up images/descriptions of logos that we have shared. If somebody has made a “perfect” replica, others can download it and either “trace” it to make their own or simply use it on a locked design.

I’ve already made a bunch of near perfect logo replicas and can start posting pics over the coming days.

That would be awesome. I have some of the easier logos shared that people can use.

Nice to see the band is all here!

What I was envisioning was a series of posts, each one dedicated to a particular theme that contains links to the best source images we can find and hopefully host ourselves. Adding the names of painters who currently have excellent versions in game would be a nice bonus too.

So a post would look something like:


[Image thumbnail linked to high-resolution image]
Additional images: [alt image link][alt image link][alt image link]
Find in FM6: [gamertag][gamertag][gamertag]

[Image thumbnail linked to high-resolution image]
Additional images: [alt image link][alt image link][alt image link]
Find in FM6: [gamertag][gamertag][gamertag]

[Image thumbnail linked to high-resolution image]
Additional images: [alt image link][alt image link][alt image link]
Find in FM6: [gamertag][gamertag][gamertag]

[Image thumbnail linked to high-resolution image]
Additional images: [alt image link][alt image link][alt image link]
Find in FM6: [gamertag][gamertag][gamertag]


That format works for me.

Another useful thing to have would be defined Forza colour codes for each element of a logo (“Michelin Blue”, “Pirelli Yellow” etc.).

There’s an easy way to convert real colours to “Forza code” with Photoshop, whereby you look up the HSB values of a colour, and then divide the H value by 360 to get the Forza slider position.
I “colour matched” all of my FH2 logos before importing them to FM6 and the values are still relevant.

I think we’ll need a bigger boat…

Made a start on a list…

Tyre Brand
Avon Tires
BF Goodrich
Bridgestone [Sub : Potenza]
Cooper Tires
Toyo Tires [Sub : Proxes]
Yokohama [Sub : Neova]

Buddy Club
O.Z Racing
Rays Engineering
Team Dynamics
Work Wheels

Rocket Bunny
Charge Speed
VIS Sports

AP Racing
EBC Brakes

Swift Springs

…and that isnt even the surface scratched!


PJ, I think the color thing is a brilliant idea to add to the mix and also something you should consider writing up separately so it can be added to our Tips and Tricks area.

AB, I knew when I started formulating the idea that it would quickly turn into a large project, so I then made sure to devote an equal amount of time to finding ways to get you to do the lion’s share of the work without realizing it.

I think the first place to start is precisely what you’ve offered so far, a list of company names that we want to collect logos for so let’s start building on that and see where it leads us.

While I’m hopeful we can build a really great resource for our own needs, I’m also thinking it could easily be something that others outside Forza could make us of in their own projects.

Just a thought but maybe a slot for race series number plates?

There are a lot of logos. Ive got a list of best part 400+ already of all sorts of manufacturers.
Is it best we put on the forum in a dedicated thread? With each section broken out with a content page and spiel post 1 maybe?

If we can get a bit of a list and divvy the source photo hunt / and sizes to show them at would make light work of this monster.

Whos in?! lol


I have some stuff created that I would love to have included on a list like this and would gladly produce pics of. A lot of them are pretty complex and detailed. Dynomax, Flowmaster, Raybestos brakes that I’m working on getting fixed, Holley, Earl’s AN plumbing, Goodyear and Hoosier in various colors both straight and arched. Plus a bunch of random 60’s, 70’s and 90’s SCCA Trans Am contingencies that I’ve made as part of doing some liveries I’ve done.

This really would end up being a massive list.

What is the best way for a pic to be included? Put the decal on a Hummer’s roof and take a picture in the game?

Screenshot the “My Vinyl Groups” menu.

count me in ill help where i can. I have hundreds and hundreds of logos ganna be one hell of a project though lol

I’m really glad to see there’s so much interest in doing something like this and it really does have the potential to turn into something huge. Because of that potential, I think it’s probably best we break the project down into stages so we’re not all rushing in different directions.

Now that we’ve got a good basic idea of the project, here’s what I propose:

  1. Develop and refine a format/outline for how to catalog and present the final product.

I like the idea of breaking our lists down along much the same lines as upgrades in Forza with additional categories for miscellaneous items like safety equipment and markings, track logos, license plate fonts, standard racing series number plates, etc.

  1. Start fleshing out our lists of all the manufacturers we can find and hope to add.

Between all of us, we can probably spitball these lists to near completion in a very short time and add additional line items later as necessary.

  1. Once our lists are up and formatted, then we can start sourcing our images and data, collecting them together in one spot.

Ideally, we want the best and largest high resolution source image we can find (not from in-game), preferrably from that manufacturer themselves if possible. We should also, where possible, collect any alternates and historical logos that might no longer be in use.

  1. Then add user contributions and exemplars from within the game itself.

While I appreciate that we’ve all got logos we’ve made and want to share, let’s make providing the best source image so someone can try painting it themselves the priority.

Any suggestions or ideas welcome.

Will get my excel list in a sort of order, its A-Z atm but its got 450+ manufacturers listed so saves a lot of typing!

Shout if you need help AB. I’ll help any way I can. Brilliant idea.

Don’t have the resource bank I used to have after I got a new pc and erased everything on the HDD, but I am getting new logos daily so can always help if needed.