FM5 is now rendered dead. Y, because of FM6

What’s the use of playing FM5 anymore, FM6 is now the better version that renders it obsolete. For those of you who recently purchased FM5, dump it and get FM6 as I don’t think T10 will continue support for this product much longer!!

T10 may not release patches for FM5, but it is far from a dead game. As for how long T10 may leave the servers for FM5 on for? That could quite easily be a few years, based on how long they left everything turned on for FM2 and FM3. Even FM4 still has access to the public hoppers and what not via Xbox live.

Is FM6 better than FM5? On the content alone, yes, FM6 is the better product. But at this time, and in my opinion, FM5 is still a great game. It really isnt up to you, me, or anyone else to decide which iteration someone plays however. And your post comes across as very arrogant.

Still, and as good as FM6 is, there are a few glaring issues with it at the moment. For starters, if you are a drifter that uses a 900° capable wheel. Then drifting is going to be a little disappointing, as there is something wrong with the force feedback which stops the wheel rotating properly for counter steering the drift. It is perfect fine for racing when making small corrections. But to drift with, it is very hit and miss.

Then there is the current glitch in the game that is allowing some cars to perform why out of their PI, such as the classic mini. This is affecting a hell of a lot of cars, and means the LB and multiplayer hoppers and leagues are currently a hot mess. And that is just 2 of the main issues surrounding FM6 at the moment.

FM6 does have some very good points however, such as the less twitchy steering on a control pad. And the addition of wet racing and night time is very welcome. It adds something to the game that was missing. Lets face it, FM1 had night racing, and it has been a very long time in returning to the Motorsport series. And the wet weather racing adds a very nice challenge.

Still, FM5 is very much worth playing. And for some, it could definitely be better to wait till after the first patch. As then they could see if some of the bigger issues in FM6 are fixed.

Personally, and even with the issues taken into account. I think that FM6 is the better game, just as you do. But again, it is not fur us to decide what version other people play. Hell, there are still people playing FM2, FM3, and FM4. Even I still play FM4 from time to time.


I Think a few tracks in FM Are actually better in FM5 Than FM6, Like Road America doesn’t have that bump in the alt course on road anymore & The Nurburgring i think was nicer in FM5, it look’s dimmed down now cause of the weather feature’s possibly? & They still didn’t add Reverse courses for Spa/Mazda Laguna SECA & Most the tracks that don’t have reverse, but would be nice to be able to run in reverse! many reasons to want to record a ghost in reverse time trials on some of those track’s. Spa for one is really fun in reverse. & The Nurburgring is also fun! i don’t understand why those aren’t option’s & time/leaderboards. :frowning:

But so far FM6 is Beast in other view’s. the Weather features are nice, great selection of car’s, lot’s of interesting races. i still think it need’s some work though.

I think you should let people decide for themselves.