Fm4 to Fm5 tuning

For the reading impaired I’m not arguing against 13/13-1/1 just that you can’t run that setup with as soft of springs as you could get away with in fm4. In a thread discussing the differences between fm 4 and 5 I figured it would be relevant but I guess I should have known better

How do you guys know whether to put the front or the rear at 13 or 1? Is it due to weight distribution? thanks

Hilarity! stay classy RR, you’ll grow up one day haha

It has nothing to do with the Mclaren, i have a few non lb car tunes that have been put top 15. but since you brought it up i’m sure you have my mclaren tune by now, don’t tell me the almighty RR can’t figure out how to make it any faster. if only i used your damping settings it would be a full blown LB car!!!


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