Fm4 to Fm5 tuning

Im curious to know what are the differences between a setup from Fm4 to Fm5. And how well a setup would transfer over.

As far as I know tyre pressures between 32-34, high negative camber, low bump high rebound is what works in fm5. Adjust fm4 tunes this way and they should be ok I think

Most things are the same except more camber in fm5 like was said above and slightly more bump or stiffer springs in fm5

Not strictly true! 13 / 13 / 1 / 1 is still the fastest setting which has been used since FM3!
Also, stiffer springs aren’t really true as well! How soft or stiff the springs are is down to driving style!
But the High Camber is definitely true! This game uses 2 -3 times more than FM4!
Apart from the, the game isn’t really much different in terms of tuning compared to FM4!

Yeah I noticed the differences in camber and im starting to mess with the spring rates. But more importantly, im trying to get used to the braking and trigger feed back.

Oh ok thanks guys, ill try that out because I have a literal book of tunes.

Right but if you are going to run 13/13-1/1 you need slightly stiffer springs than fm 4, but still usually quite soft overall, or the car is going to get thrown all over the place as the bumps are more pronounced in fm5. Either that or keep the soft springs and run the bump around 2-3

It doesn’t matter whether you run soft or stiff springs, that’s personal preference! 13 / 13 / 1 / 1 is the fastest setting for all tracks except le mans which is glitched soo… much!!

As long as your springs are stiff enough to not get thrown around by bumps, not bottom out or overload the front tires under braking, and force the front tires down under acceleration enough to not plow wide on the exit then yes more often than not. Springs and damping are interrelated, max rebound min bump works only if the springs are stiff enough to allow it. You can set your damping 13/13-1/1 and set up the rest of your tune compensating for it. or you can tune your dampers later in the tuning process for fine adjustment while keeping in mind low bump and high rebound is the way to go. You said yourself spring stiffness is personal preference and since springs and dampers are completely interrelated than by your own argument dampers must also be personal preference too, at least until a hard and fast rule for spring stiffness is developed…I have also experienced the ill effects of max front rebound in laudas Ferrari hitting the kink at road America full throttle, having the front tires come off the ground and having to jump on the brakes to avoid hitting the outside wall. Just an example of what to look out for when running 13/13 rebound. Something that would also greatly hinder a car that already exhibits exit understeer as 13/13-1/1 would inherently make a car looser in and tighter out among other things. so without anything more than “run 13/13-1/1” its just blind luck as to whether or not anyone willing to try it gets a better result.

Yeah I’ve noticed the bumps lol.

Its seeming like 13/13 1/1 is the way to go.

Its seeming like 13/13 1/1 is the way to go.

If your trying to teach me how to tune, your speaking to the wrong person! When you have played this game enough to understand it, then maybe you’ll begin to know why that setting is the best.
ty 4 ur non-justified case =]

I have already explained why it works and also why it doesn’t with soft springs. The first thing everyone who spent a decent amount of time with fm4 did when they bought 5 was max rebound min bump with soft springs just like fm 4 and it didn’t work. If you stiffen the springs a bit it works just fine. Not sure what’s so hard to understand about that.

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Maybe because it does still work! Unless you don’t know how to tune on this game which wouldn’t be a surprise! It’s obvious that you haven’t really tested your theory on most cars… let me guess, your theory was derived by a Car which begins with the letter M. You can keep going on saying that you need stiffer springs but I guess your inexperienced! It’s like someone trying to tell Adrian Newey how to design a car!
This is the last time reply to you about this because it’s clear that it would be better to speak to a brick wall.

Ive heard about this 13/13/1/1 thing before but still doesn’t make any sense… Anybody care to explain?

I think it’s all part of what’s called ‘breaking the code’. To me it sounds like putting the sliders at their extremes and calling it tuning.

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ill agree there.

Yeah I would listen to Roadrunner, he’s pretty damn high on the LBs along with chronic and im guessing you guys run your own set ups ha! I didn’t know about the 13/13 - 1/1 set up, ill have to give this a try, I usually run pretty high bump and low rebound but not to the extremes. cheers Road Runner, some more tinkering to be done :smiley:

RR knows what he’s talking about…same thing was done in Forza4 12/12-1/1 on the damper.s