FM Update 6.0 overview - Car Progression and Combustion Tour

So I tested the game today and things worked fine from my end so far, except for the bugs others mentioned here. The gameplay felt a lot smoother than before thats a pointer. The new CarPG system is pretty amazing, giving me the freedom to customize the car I like without having to grind the game all day. It’s a time saver now. I wish we could change the homespace scenario like FM4. The new music feels a bit refreshing but a lot better. I think the game is heading towards the right direction. If this keeps going then we sure have a hope to see it make a good comeback with a lot more stability and fixes. Let’s just wait and hope for the best. That’s all we can do now.

However, I would like to express my agony and dissatisfaction regarding one of the worst case scenario of this game. And that is inaccurate Car sound/audio for almost all the cars. Now there are lots of other aspects in this game which are also the part of worst case scenarios such as goofy Car Models, AI and many other annoying gameplay bugs. Yes, those are major issues too and we do want to see those getting fixed. But car sound is also a part of this issue as well, in fact it has become a vital, alarming and major issue. Ever since the release of this game I have posted a total of 18 issues till today regarding inaccurate, worst engine audio/car sound. I am happy that 7 of them are bug-logged including the bug-logged posts of other members and can’t wait to see car sounds getting fixed and be released in the next patch or so. But I am going to ask you some questions…is it too hard to do a quality check before releasing? Like for example this Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster. I absolutely could not imagine it would sound this diasasterous. Come on, like really?

Do you realize how much painful it is to post about each of these cars which were supposed to have their own glorious identity and characteristics? An engine sound defines the personality of a car, the essence of the car. All we get is a generic sounding placeholder sounds or something that will give you a headache, copy and pasted sounds all across the cars, or something which is emotionless, empty and flawed. And so, this issue is becoming quite alarming and serious at this point. Therefore I would like to make a sincere request here to the team, that is, please, take the issue in hand of fixing car sounds with utmost sincerity. I already know you guys are working hard to make the game stable and fix bugs, but please fix the car sounds and release it on every patch. I was disappointed of not seeing any of the car sound update in Update 6.0, but I am not leaving the hope. Once again I thank you for fixing the sound of LFA, now in that same manner, fix car sounds of other cars which me and others have posted as issues. That way the cars will become enjoyable to drive again and gets the justice they deserve. Sorry for making post way too long but the matter has become really serious and we want the team and developers to address this issue and get working on it for real @T10ManteoMax