FM Featured Events | Oct. 25 - Nov. 1 2023

Yes that should be a weekly thing as they add cars

I take this back, everyone using the F1 Ferrari it’s not even funny.

7 Ferraris in the top 10.

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Love that variety :joy:. Good ole P class

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Perfect example of them not playing their own game and not knowing this is what was going to happen. Another wasted hopper.

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This weeks events absolutely suck, there should always be at least one Open B, C or D class hopper


Best idea I’ve heard is 3x class hoppers that rotate every few hours:

  • E > D > C
  • B > A > S
  • R > P > X

So am I right in saying we can only win one car every 4 weeks across all events ?
As opposed to FH5 where its at least 10-15 cars. The main difference being all are available to buy and none are locked from the start.

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Well, first off ninety percent of those cars that are event specific or week specific in FH5 are definitely not simply bought. I stopped playing it after realizing that type of grind, not enjoying the cars I can play with, was never going to meet my expectations. This game has one locked car, with new cars being added at a discounted price. So point for them, I guess.

Max we need next months stuff now so we can prepare because it takes so long.

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I’d love to have at least, 2 rotating series every month besides the permanent ones.

The Ginetta time-trial event showcases the ugly shadow-bug on Series X. Not the best choice of event, Turn 10.

Yeah. The LMx prototypes have always been poor in Forza. They are no competition for the old F1 cars.
The Ginetta seems to be the best of them though. The 919 is as awful as it was in FM7.
The fun & quirky FWD Nissan only reaches PI 989 but is still way better than the 919 and the other two AWD ones.

P class is as boring as always.

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These guys really can’t even get the simplest stuff right. The lowest class that can be raced online is “s” class. Another bungle from T10. You guys should be ashamed.

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Bring back all classes and make open lobbies so we can play when we want like it was in Forza 7…the way there doing it now is garbage… how long do they think people are gonna stick around the way it is now. Im back to playing A class on forza 7…love the freedom.


I think the reason why they went this way is because, a long time ago (Forza 7’s launch) it was like this. They thought it worked then, so things mustn’t’ve changed.

If they had released a stable game at launch then they would have had enough players solely from gamepass to run events in each class.

I believe they have many plans for this game. Most of these illogical options certainly aren’t in the game by mistake. They are most likely not ready yet.