"Floor is lava" Green Zone

It says to enter from West entrance, do 3 ultimate air and then land at Green Zone. What is considered the green zone? Do I have to land on that raised platform? Couldn’t you have made that any smaller?

Turns out you start from the West entrance, have to go out of Green Zone, perform air skills outside the zone and then drive back to green zone for this thing to trigger.

I entered and then turned right and jumped the blue ramp on your right the times. Away from green zone, toward the green zone, and then away from from green zone. I then turned back around and went to the green curved turning ramp. That’s probably the easiest way to make sure you get all the jumps and the return in under 60 seconds.

I also had same issue and enter green zone was not triggering no matter what…
It’s another buggy programming. Enter the green zone like dude did in this video

I managed to complete it finally. Hardest was 3 crash landing in 45 secs. Hehe but nailed that one last in few attempts.

I originally thought you could stay in the green area. It didn’t trigger and thought maybe I had to land on that platform because “floor is lava”.

I fast travelled to the West Entrance then drove into the Stadium and peformed 3 Ultmate Airs (anywhere in the arena), I then stopped in the Green Zone and it popped. I did the Accolade pinned as well so I can see on screen my progress.

Word of advice - pin the accolade so it shows “steps” to be completed, makes it so much easier. Green zone is well… green. Go right to blue to get 2x ultimate and go back jumping across the main jump’s ramp to land in green zone.


People here being condescending (“the green zone is green”) have clearly somehow never encountered the myriad glitches on offer in this game’s festival playlists and accolades.

The instructions are very simple, obviously. The question being asked is how to get the accolade when driving into the green zone doesn’t trigger the requirement of “arrive in the green zone.”

Personally I did this about ten times before it finally triggered, and I have no idea why it finally worked. Every time I got my three ultimate air skills, then put green painted ground beneath all four tires within the time limit. I tried going to the green zone first (which is not what the accolade says, but some recommended), avoiding the green zone completely until completing my jumps, doing all the jumps within the green zone, and about every other variation I could think of.

It’s just glitchy, I guess. But if you didn’t encounter a glitch, good for you. No need to be a dick about it. It’s not like magically not getting smacked with the glitch hammer somehow makes your superior to the rest of us.

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For anyone struggling with this in March 23 now that the stunt park is back: it looks like they have changed around the colours of the items in the park, but not updated the accolade to match!

Enter from the West as stated in the accolade, do your three ultimate airs as stated (easy to do using the ramps just to your right as you enter) then drive onto the PURPLE quarter pipe just ahead and to the left from the West entrance.

If you’re trying this accolade in 2024 onwards no doubt it’ll be another totally different colour you need to aim for :slight_smile:


Brilliant. “Hey guys, let’s change the colors so they won’t complain it’s just a rerun.” …or some such thinking. But totally ignore and forget that the color actually had a reason.

Super Kudos SupineSugar7481 for the head’s up to those looking to get these this time around, and like you said possibly in the future.

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I get the feeling that accolades are very much out on the periphery of their mind. Hence the broken vinyl usage accolades (for a year post launch), and also the forgotten Happy New Years lamps in Guanajuato this year.

But yeah, you end up in the north west of the stadium for that one. (I just did this one last week, and had to find an alternative text explanation since the colors didn’t line up)

Jumped into the stunt park (pun absolutely intended :smile:) for a bit last night to check it out & have some fun in my Trailcat. During the course of hooning around, I apparently triggered two separate accolades. Don’t know if that’s all that was available but seemed pretty easy to get both unintentionally after just a few minutes :man_shrugging:t2:

There’s a few in the park, plus one for going from Horizon Festival to the stunt park in a set amount of time, and one that’s getting from the stunt park to the top of the mountain in a set amount of time.

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