FLMS Pre Season Test

FM5 FLMS Test Session (Le Mans Bugatti Circuit)

we would like to welcome all to join us as we prepare to get our new Le Mans season underway

As many of you have probably figured out. The next FLMS Season will be on either FM5 or Project C.A.R.S. Due to the delay of project C.A.R.S. we wont be able to test the features of the game to see if its suitable for us until March ( if it doesn’t get delayed again). therefore we plan to test FM5 in the mean time so we have something to fall back on.

therefore i have two test sessions planned between now and February. one will be using the GT cars provided in the game and the other with built up road cars to GT spec.


first test will be next month with the GT cars and the R18 for the prototype class. on this test will evaluate a few things such as:

- FM5 in game features
- community interest

qualifying will be open on the 27th November with the race being on the 29th 8pm GMT

Car Builds

Audi R18 E-tron Quattro - Stock

Ferrari F458 Italia
Race driveline
Front tires 305/35R18
Rear tires 335/40R18
Stock rims

Race brakes
Front tires 315/35R18
Rear tires 335/35R18
Stock rims

Race brakes
Race driveline
Front tires 300/30R18
Rear tires 335/35R18
Stock rims

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
Race brakes
Race driveline
Front tires 325/30R18
Rear tires 335/40R18
Stock rims

we encourage you try and make the test. so you can gauge whether this will be for you or not as we will heavily be relying on the community’s feedback and response to the test.

to sign up post here which car and team you would use. as always replica paint only

Xx VenomTDI xX #1 Audi Sport Team Joest
RG Maverick - #2 Audi Sport Team Joest
Maynard S4 - #13 Rebellion Racing
l RickyTan l - #14 Porsche Team


gen3ral st0 - #71 Ferrari F458
XPR Soundwave - # SRT Motorsports
GRD 4 3L - Ferrari 458
richard1973 - Ferrari 458
LMR Deftone mx - Corvette #racing

Car Undecided

LMR Deftone mx - Corvette #racing
Velox midget
XPR Devil

What’s the (average) length of these races?

test races will be an hour. we run 2 hours in the races usually with le mans being around 3

2 test sessions doesn’t sound too bad. I’m in Ricky. I can run any of those cars but I’ve got a soft spot for the Ferrari 458 . . .

sweet i got you down. hopefully we get a few more soon

good to go on the 29th

Signing up for a friend aswell

He for sure would like to participate in LMP
I am undecided but in GT I’d like to use the C6.R if possible. I’ve never competed in a sanctioned race with a LMP so I’m running laps at the moment.

GT: STANMAN911- undecided

Also do you have a link for your series’ preferred racing etiquette and other race related info?

Does anyone have series number plate templates available?

What’s a good prototype time for Buggati circuit? I find myself in the low 1:29’s clean…

sweet il add both of you later.

heres a link where you can find all the info your looking for http://forzalemans.net/site/