Flash tunes

Whats up tuners. This thread is a basic “how to flash tune a car”

I know there are alot of new racers and tuners on FM 6 so i wanted to create a thread on how to start a tune. My goal is to also have other tuners (if they chose to do so) put up their quick flash tune setups to help others

This is not by any means the only way to do things so maybe how i do it wont work for you but if another tuner posts in here his will work for you.

Basically what i try to do is flash all of them the same in general so i know how the car should act and if it doesnt i adjust it from there.

To start i will be posting Front engine rear wheel drive

Tires: 27.0/27.0

Camber: -1.0/-2.0 Front and rear is usually -.5 or so less

Toe: Dont really have a “go to” for this so leave it at 0 for now

Caster: Usually just leave that at 5.0 for this purpose

ARB: Usually they start at like 27 Front and 23 Rear so i simply move the front ARB down to 21 or so

Springs: Usually i leave them alone for this step since its just a flash tune

Ride height: I have a personal rule where i lower it as much as possible but not below 4.4 inches

Aero: Max

Damping: Rebound is 9.0/10.0 and Bump is 2.0/2.0

Brake: 48% balance and 120% force

Diff 60% Accel and 8% Decel

Again this is simply away I start my tunes. The finished product may be completely different from this but this is where i start. If anybody else would like to put their quick flash tune in here that would be amazing. Hopefully any new tuners will be able to come in here and get a general idea on where to start with a car since it can be very intimidating and discouraging not knowing even where to begin.

Please feel free to add anything you would like.

Good luck and hopefully i will see you on the track!!!


excellent info, thank you for sharing!! my turn

Tires: 30.0/30.0

Camber: -0.9/-0.7

Toe: Default

Caster: 5.0

ARB: 20 front and 20 rear then offset in 5lb increments from there example 25/15 or 15/25 etc.

Springs: I set them soft around 1/3 of the bar used, then use telemetry to be sure i am using the full range of motion but not staying at the top of the bar too long.

Ride height: Minimum

Aero: Max

Damping: Rebound is default and Bump is 1.0/1.0

Brake: 48% balance and 130% force

Diff: RWD 10% Accel and 30% Decel
Diff: FWD 100% Accel and 30% Decel

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Looks good bro. Hopefully we can get all sorts of these basic setups in here

Here i go



I don t touch



50 lbs to 100lbs less than default value

Ride height

11 rebound/3 bump





Slightly unorthodox but it works… For me anyway.

Front engine rear drive







Ride height
Low as possible with front 2 clicks heigh we than rear



Aero (if fitted)
Front 20% increase
Rear 30% decrease


Above 400bph 82/82
Below 300-400bhp 66/60
Below 300bhp 51/39


The only thing unorthodox is the diff. Thats an odd diff setup but im interested in trying it now :slight_smile:

Give it a go I find it easier to launch out of the corners… Can apply more throttle earlier without lighting up the tyres than I can with a lower acel lock… Matching decel to acel in the higher power cars keeps the car much more balanced switching from throttle to brakes and back to balancing the throttle through the turns…

Might just be phycological but it’s reflected in my times too! Let me know how it works out for you?

I know this is old school but I pretty much do it the same as everyone else, but it does depend on weight displacement and for the old school part…I still break out a calculator to figure spring rates. I’ve just started doing it recently and it helps. Me anyway. And since I’ve been playing with a stiffer spring set up, it works even better. And its not completely old school, I actually use my phone now instead of an actual calculator

Can u explain the formula u use to figure out ur sertings? Im sure plenty of people would like to know

Sure. I guess assuming everybody knew it was dumb. Sorry about that.
Okay. I’m sure there are other ways of figuring it including if you would like your suspension a little softer as this method does make for a pretty stiff spring. But, like Johnson said these are flash tunes or I always name them either base or test.
IMPORTANT. Do this step AFTER your build.

  1. You will need the curb weight of your car -you can find this on the upgrade page
  2. you will need the weight distribution -this is also found on upgrade page but is represented as front only and its a percentage and is found by toggling the Y button once
    ( ex. POWER 493
    TORQUE 567
    WEIGHT 3237
    FRONT 58%
  3. Take the weight of your vehicle and multiply it by your front percentage,in this case it is 3237 X 58% which equals 1877
  4. Ive seen this step debated but I always do it (it’s weight) you take that total the 1877 and add your front aero value to it. If it’s a track that favors grip I run full aero so it would be 1877 + 100=1977
  5. Repeat step 3 but with your rear percentage this number will be 42% (FRONT 58% so REAR 42%) Why? because your weight distribution should always equal 100% so 3237 X 42% =1359
  6. Repeat step 4 in this case we will say its full aero which is usually, but not always, 200. So, 1359 + 200 = 1559
  7. Take the numbers you got from steps 4 and 6 and simply divide them by 2 Why 2? because you have 2 springs in front and 2 in the back.
    So FRONT would be 1977 divided by 2 which equals 988 Plug that number into your front spring slider on the tuning page
    REAR would be 1559 divided bt 2 which equals 779 plug that number into your rear spring slider on the tuning page
    So, what do you have after you do this? A fairly stiff spring set up. But, in theory, a perfectly balanced spring set up. If I remember right I think guys were knocking off percentage points from the front and rear in order to get softer spring rates. I almost always have to lower the values so when I do, if I were to do this one I would take the front down 58 points at a time and the rear 42. Basically knocking off a percentage point from each.

And there you have it. I think. It’s late and I’m tired so if I missed anything or something doesn’t make sense just post it up. And if I’m doing it wrong post that up to so I stop doing it


Formula I use

Weight/distribution+Aero/tire pressure so it would look like this.

3646x0.52= 1895.92+100= 1995.92x0.305= 608.76

Then you add or remove a percentage of 0.8 which gives good increments for stiffening and softening the suspension which will stil have taken you’re tire pressures into account which is pretty important to maintaining a balance.

To stiffen your springs just take your figure and divide it by 0.8.


To soften your spring do the opposite then tweak to feel.


@ERS Johnson:

This is a great thread idea. Some people will be crying out for something like this…especially me and others who know nothing about tuning or where to start. People like me appreciate that people like you and others do things like this to start people off. The fact that other tuners will offer input is great, simply because of the different ways they do things. This is helpful because some ways will suit one person and not the other. In a nutshell: more options for people to try.

I know this is more work and might be asking too much…but : Maybe it would be a good idea to also explain certain things about setups or why a car may be behaving the way it is: Example: Say my car is oversteering coming out of a corner ( apart from throttle control ) How would you rectify that? Is that a specific something causing the issue,or multiple issues? I mean…you don’t have to tell everyone trade secrets or go into massive detail,but some info on things like this would help people understand the changes that may need to be made from a base setup/flash tune. The info already given in the thread is great the way it is,and I would understand if people didn’t want to explain more about what i’ve asked. But there is no harm in asking things.


You may have to dig around in the archives but all that info is in these forums. I think I got this info in the FM4 tuners guide. I don’t remember how to access those archives but I’m sure a mod could point you in the right direction. Or, since FM4 is still active go look in the tuners lounge there. There are a lot of good reads.

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diff and bars are very important for controlling over-steer and under-steer in forza. diffs are easy no voodoo here. throttle on over-steer lower accel. throttle off over-steer raise decel. its as simple as that.

bars. i’ll make it really easy for you start at 1/40 if the car over-steers go to 10/30, 20/20, 30/10, 40/1. 1/40 is maximum over-steer and 40/1 is maximum under-steer. you will be able to dial in a car super quick with those 5 settings.

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Tires: 27.5/27.5
Alignment: -1.0/-0.5, 0.0,0.0, 5.0 (if it’s not that)
Ride height all the way down.
Downforce all the way up
110% Pressure/49% balance

I don’t tune anything else in fear of breaking the car too much.

@ Moparjay:

Thanks, I will look into that.

I did notice a guide from BIG WORM,and I went striaght to the cause and effect section. I’m presuming this information still holds weight in forza 6,right?


Thanks,mate. I’ll take that info on-board and play around with those settings.

Thank you,it’s all appreciated.






Reduce by about 25%

Ride height

Divide total by 3 then take that away

Same as above

Decrease at the front to about 63
Rear Increas to 147

Rear 30/35
Front 90/70

flash tunes! haha

I’ve used this guideline a while, obvioulsy you can tweak stuff around later but they usually get decent lap times in and quite good for a mulitplayer race or 2 :slight_smile:

is that -0.5 toe on the front? i have never seen a tune with negative toe on the front. that would make the car understeer terribly no? just curious

Looking at the rest of the setting it’ll only slow the response and ruin the front tyres because with the basic set up on the rear its set more towards oversteer so if anything it could work in his favour by making it more controllable… It’ll trash the tyres, braking and acceleration. I could be wrong here it’d be interesting to try on more snappy cars like the lotus F1 car to see the extreme side of that kind of toe.

want to point out i am not criticizing, just curious is all.