Fixing up Uncle Bud's "old car" First 2 rounds are closed / third round started 7 October 2016

Coming in late but uncle Bud just now gave up the keys to his old 70 Cougar Just need to tune her and she will be ready

Ok so I have just lapped the old girl and man she is a blast to drive. By the I ran out of gas I got a good time of 2:28:046 on lap 3. replay on my storefront titled uncle bud s1e1

I plan to look at your replay…and will be sending your Cuda!
Welcome to the Ghost Town; we’re glad to have some company.

Nice paint job; very sharp (period look of an older restoration)

Was finally able to get a clean lap time of 2:27:839 with tc and sim steering will try to improve but I dont want to kick a gift horse in the mouth