Fix wasnt good for online

Forza seems to have had an update recently that allows you to be touched in the rear with you feeling it …public lobbies yes I would understand why the need for this is their as that’s full to the brim with lesser evolved humans but in private lobbies leave it the way is as changing stuff like that makes it artificial

Suggestion for online if no breaking or on full throttle in the breaking zones (breaking line) then ghost them to avoid collisions

But in my private online lobbies we run full collision and full sim damage all the time and there is never an issue with this but the new rear bump method is silly

So yes turn 10 great to see yous try to sort PUBLIC lobbies but please for the love of Christ please leave our lobbies alone !

Another thing can we have storefront back even of it is under the same model we have for paints the now it would be good though to see someone’s stuff as a collective rather than just the car your in

Can’t say I’ve noticed anything different in the leagues (collision obviously)

Put your storefront piece in the wishlist thread.

And it’s spelt “Braking” not “Breaking”.


It’s also There not Their in that particular context… LOL

As for the Sharefront issues, I think it’s just the way it is now. Probably because of the way the game is set up on the One. I’m slowly losing my passion for Forza with all these changes that actually just mean removing whole features from the game. Storefronts, the old lobbies, drag racing LB’s etc etc.
I think they only change things now that they think will broaden the user base. Not things that existing fans just want. So if they have changed online physics it will be to appeal to as many people as possible, by trying to stop the wreckers. But griefers on any game are usually quite determined to spoil others fun, and nothing short of online random policing of lobbies will stop them.


I have noticed this rear end bump change the last couple days. Thing is it only seems to happen when the driving is real close and cars just barely touch.

Last night I was right on someone’s bumper going into the corner, got just a hair too close and it felt like I hit a soft wall of jelly or something. Guy in front of me seemed unaffected, but it sent my car off the track. It is really pretty lame! I don’t think we would have even touched before tho change, and if we did the resulting effect would have been very minimal and I’m sure we both would have made the corner just fine.

It happens rarely, but I like super close racing and this change just really punishes the skilled guys who race close more than anything. I was still getting rear ended off the track by people hitting me with speed, but a light nudge at similar speeds and you hit the jelly wall.

I can attest that rear collisions at speed haven;t changed. I crossed the finish at the Ring behind a buddy in a private lobby and thought it was the final lap and it wasn’t. So I clocked him, and but good. I immediately apologized and then we went into a fit of laughing. Pulle dback on the track and had another lap at it.

Haven’t experienced the light tap thing. There have been a few where I expected some contact and felt nothing, but there was no off the track issues or anything.

It’s hard to explain really, maybe it was some strange kind of lag even…but seriously, invisible wall of jelly.

Also I should add in my experience I got sent off the track but it may have been due to the surprise of what I felt, which I never felt in forza before a few days ago.

I thinks it’s a lag issue. It seems like there can jam everybody into any room no matter what the Internet setting are. Ever other game I have problems with my bad Internet but I have no problems connecting with anybody. But it seems like there a ton issue in every room

Nope, I know exactly what you’re talking about and it’s been happening since day one. Nothing has changed.

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My spelling isn’t the best but then who cares lol

Anyway yea like a few of you the game has many issues hopefully some will be resolved and some features returned as asset to corsa and project cars are threatening it now too , I have seen half my FORZA list disappear to project cars recently and that really sucks as if FORZA 4 was on the one a think that would be number one racing game for all

I’ve also noticed this sort of difference when slightly (and accidentally) bumping a car ahead you… Last time yesterday in Lamborghini league. It seems like light collisions do not fling or even move either victim’s or collider’s car at all. Just saying.

I really do not understand what’s going on with the collision physics in multiplayer. You accidentally just nudge a car and it bounces off your car and just goes flying off the track.

Is this really necessary? What kind of bizarre alien-crash physics are at play in MP?