Fix the painting system plz!

come on PG! have you guys even testing the painting system you created?i have to say that painting system in fh5 is a disaster, like, some side surface of car are defined as top surface, who did that? totally mess!

I dont know maybe its just me, but I had been painting for quite some time now and just takes some getting used to.

it just so weird…If I want to paste a complete picture on the side, I need to divide it into two parts, and I have to align it slowly. If the whole side is one, there will be no such trouble?

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A dedicated “Paint Shop” would sure be a cool addition. They could add them as a “business” like FH4 had. I would also like the paint shop to have access to the full spectrum of colors available. Give the masking and such access to the metalized and 2-tone colors. Give more options for the mask selections. Give more options for flames and gradients. Give a better selection of fonts. Take a look at real race cars are see what type of fonts they are using and install those fonts into the Forza paint shop.

And give us a paint shop with true daylight lighting. That’s probably the single most important thing the paint shop is needing.

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true ,dude,however PG even did not care about the most basic problems in this game, let alone adding new painting features…

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