Fix The Online Servers! PLEASE!

how can you drive when you cant see others

I agree, my friends were telling me I was sat at the start line the other day. Despite me being <100ft behind the leader!
This is the least of this games worries though. T10 seems to have taken a step backwards since fm4 :frowning:


Multiplayer connectivity is poor. Often I cannot join online lobbies or friends’ private lobbies. Sometimes I can’t connect to the first multiplayer area at all.

I am having the same problem lately even when my WIFI checks out fine

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I’m having no problems on my end…

I was having problems with multiplayer connection and my Wi-Fi was spot on with everything else on my XB1. I decided to check some router settings and discovered that with UPnP on and disabling QoS my connection to multiplayer was gone and hasn’t returned yet.

Hope this can help other users out there.

BTW, I use an Asus RT-AC66u with two XB1’s and one X360 on it. All work without problems.