Fix 488 Pista painting PLEASE

On the Ferrari 488 Pista, the OEM stripes disappear from the car anytime you paint ANYTHING different than oem color- windows, calipers, wheels, anything. This happened on fh4 as well and I was really hoping they’d fix but it doesn’t look like it’s been addressed. I’m normally not a stripe guy but I do like them on this car and don’t want to have to manually add.

Anyone know how to resolve this?

The simple answer is. It’s intended to be like that.

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Im not sure I think thats the case… the 2003 Challenge Stradale has stripes too, which don’t disappear anytime you paint anything else.
But if that is the case, that’s incredibly disappointing considering you can’t reapply the oem stripes in forza’s livery editor due to the body styling and unique placement.