First Time Painter #8 Listerine E36

Hello all, long time player and first time designing a livery. I love the BMW E36, own one in real life so I thought I would make the Tim Harvey #8 Listerine E36 that won the BTCC in '92. Still have some stuff to add but here it is so far…
#8 E36

Looks fairly good, especially for a first timer. As you get more advanced I would start avoiding the stock font though.

Thanks! Yeah, I wanted to focus more on the colors this time and the fonts given worked well. There is a pink dragon on the hood that I have no idea how in going to tackle that

Good luck with the dragon! Will be one cool car and is a great start.
Just tweek the typography to make it bolder and the number board can be made larger as it overlays the stripes on the side a little