First Car Livery attempt and looking for advice

So I’ve been driving the Cayman GT4 and its quickly become my main driver (I’m pretty new to the game so don’t have much in the way of selection lol). I decided to venture into the world of Livery design and wanted to do it based on the PS5. I only have the 2 logos made and want your guys’ advice on how to improve/add on to it. There’s lots empty space that could be filled and wanted your input on what should be there! Imagine if Sony wanted to sponsor a track car team or make their own. Who would they partner with to make a car?

With my race-inspired liveries, I usually pick sponsor decals at random, one of each: tires, fuel and/or oil products, spark plugs, and anything else the car may utilize. I.e. Ford EcoBoost, AMD chipsets, etc.

If you’re doing a race-inspired or team paint job, authenticity will take your livery a long way. For your 2 designs, I’d suggest looking at a couple real life cars that are in whatever racing league your paint job belongs. Do this to see where on the car your oil, tire, etc. logos should be placed. That works a lot better for those who want to download your paint jobs, because it looks authentic.

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