FH6 location idea?

Okay, okay, okay. Guys I know FH5 JUST got released and I am going to start talking about 6? I get it, but the one thing about the series I have always loved is the dynamics of the each location we visit. Colorado was a serene Fallscape of multi-colored leaves, fast windy American roads, and the introduction of the festival. Italy in FH2 provided a more upscale and classy atmosphere that was Mediterranean and distinctly European. Australia was a combination of multiple biomes providing a unique challenge and a huge variety of racing. The UK gave us seasons and a distinctly British hillside feel with mountains. Now, we have the party, desert-scape of Mexico with tropical jungles and Central American flare.

Well, what about Brazil? I mean if not 6 then consider for 7 (cause I know everyone wants Japan for 6). There is a HUGE car culture in Brazil via stock cars, motorcycles, and even vintage stock car (yeah they race old cars). They have a little-known car brand that actually produces muscle and sports cars, Puma. They also have birth, several F1 drivers. It just feels like the culture of Carnivale and the hills of Interlagos would be a perfect backdrop for the Horizon festival.

What do you guys think? I mean who doesn’t want to jump a Jeep over Christ the Redeemer (or respect cultural integrity and make it a look-alike). I am making this thread here cause I didn’t see another spot to put it, but also figured it would be a good brainstorming thread.

Europe would be great.
(Germany, Switzerland and Austria)

I like the the unlimited highways and the main roads.
Also the Alps are great.


My vote goes to Germany, though Brazil could be good for FH7. They wouldn’t go for it in FH6, it’s too similar to Mexico.


No! No! No! No!


Sorry, but I refuse to support the Chinese government in any way, shape, or form when possible.


This ^




Here in Brazil ? Only if your car could be stolen if you stop in any part of the road. They should also add combat options, like shooting and hide. And a new feature that you should avoid the holes in the asphalt… oh ! And a former president with nine fingers and drunk, who has been in jail for stealing millions, and got a chance to come back in this election. That would be so nice !

Argentina. The homeland of Fangio, home too to multiple climatic conditions.

Exactly. The NIO and Wuling being added was bad enough. I cannot support such a monstrous country.

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Psh, China is catered to enough. It’s like a big bully that demands special treatment. Wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t nazi germany 2.0 but they are so whatever.

“Sorry Horizon Superstar! Your social credit has been dropped to 70.5 points. Your vehicles have been seized and you will be sent to a work camp soon. Maybe next time you’ll learn that Taiwan isn’t an independent country.”

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I am Chinese, and of course I know that Taiwan belongs to China, not an independent country!

I’m not immediately aware of any racing game set in China. You’d have stuff like The Great Wall of course. Forbidden City…etc.

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how is BigBrother called in chinese?

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Japan, Scandinavia (a fictional map consisting of a mix of Sweden, Norway and Finland) or one of those countries, Germany, The Netherlands and/or Belgium (preferably a BeNeLux map), Canada, New Zealand.

Whatever they choose, I’d love to see a proper city next time. I want to see alleys, parks, narrow streets, parking garages, etc. Just a city that feels real and not like a movie set

Honestly, with the direction the franchise is going, I’m worried that 6 may be based in china and have some form of social credit system.

I’m serious


me feel like: it has to be japan 日本

btw. test drive unlimited solar crown take place in Hong Kong
don’t think FH6 will get the same region

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What do you mean?

I want narrow streets when gameplay includes wrecking actual buildings - rather than just a clunky thud & a bounce.

What have they done? Australia, Italy, US, UK & now Mexico. Africa & Asia left I guess. Or south America.