Nice work, already using this

See your livery got featured in alies stream too, nice one

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Cheers mate…… really? Blimey, that’s a nice surprise!! :grin:

–FM6 import–

DragonRacing88 Ferrari 458.

Featured in Yaachts weekly livery review, I’ve shared the red version too but haven’t taken any new pics of that one yet

Car: 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia
File: DR88 Italia458 Y
quick search: MD
Share Code: 771 623 798

Car: 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia
File: DR88 Italia458 R
quick search: MD
Share Code: 879 131 501


–FM6 rework–

GTA V Burger Shot.

Previously only available through the AH…

Car: 2015 Alumi Craft Class 10 Race Car
File: GTA V ALUMI 10
quick search: MD
Share Code: 143 301 949


–FM3 remake–

“Le rouge baiser”.

I originally painted this waaaay back in FM3 for a community led event called the AH BLOWOUT.

Car: 1994 Nissan Fairlady Z Version S Twin Turbo
File: JasonBrooks 94 Z
quick search: MD
Share Code: 106 728 175


–FM3 rework–

The Prodigy Experience.

Still love this album! :grin: Old pics for now, design works with all upgrade parts and Bodykit.

quick search: MD
Share Code: 524 121 124


Also added versions of these two imports to their respective posts…

MR BENN - VW Type 2 - 604 249 854
GoT 5 - Meyers Manx FE - 169 001 067

More or less up to date, some new paints to follow once I’ve taken all the pics and hopefully an RCC wip…… :slightly_smiling_face:

really impressive work
really a good job

yes, always very good work here


Awesome gallery man! :upside_down_face::mechanical_arm::fire::fire:

Awesome designs. This gallery keeps getting better and better. Love it!

Thank you all so much!
Sorry for the late reply, lost my mojo for a bit but I’ve got the vibe back again so here’s a small update to my gallery…….

like always, very good design :slight_smile:
great artist

Great gallery ! GG

Quality approved catalog right here! :sunglasses::+1::wink:

Thanks AJ :grin:

Got back into painting recently and noticed this thread had somehow got a bit jumbled up after the forum’s update. I thought about starting a new one but quickly realised it would be easier to fix the links in posts 2 & 3 rather than post all the pics again.

Having now done that I’ll update this thread with my new designs over the next few days - I still need to take photos of some of them…


Quality!!! :ok_hand::fire:


– New to H5 –

Ferrari Modificata 488 GT

Painted this for PTG’s Ferrari Livery Comp (linked in post 4) and managed to get into the short list from a very healthy number of entrants. Didn’t quite make it into the winners’ circle but enjoyed painting it anyway.

Car: 2017 Ferrari Corse Clienti 488 Challenge
File: PTG #25 488 C
Quick search: MD
Share Code: 183 907 251

I adapted the logos slightly to suit the contest but have also shared a file based on an alternative colour scheme as shown in the image below:

Car: 2017 Ferrari Corse Clienti 488 Challenge
File: Modificata 488 C
Quick search: MD
Share Code: 114 264 942


—New to H5—

Dragon Racing 88 AMG

Yep, it’s another version of a DR88 livery I’m afraid, LoL. I painted this to put on my preorder AMG GTR in H4 but never shared it so thought I might as well now :person_shrugging:t5:

Car: 2015 Mercedes-AMG GT S
File: DR88 ‘15 AMG GTS
Quick search: MD
Share Code: 123 345 111

I also imported the original design I made for the GT R, which was my most popular with over 90,000 downloads (it’s a shame PG decided to limit featured designs for 2 weeks, totally killed my exposure in game).

–FH4 import–

Car: 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R
File: Dragon88 AMG GTR
Quick search: MD
Share Code: 656 747 497


It’s taken a while to reach this small milestone but nevertheless, many thanks for the support :champagne::face_with_hand_over_mouth::beers::+1:t5::heart: