FH5 X 7-ELEVEN Partnership

Imagine this: Forza Horizon 5, which has had a record of doing collabs with brands under the Microsoft Studios/Xbox Partnership umbrella (OPI, Doritos, Oreo, Krispy Kreme) and 7-eleven, which has increased its popularity and influence in the car community, make a grandiose collaboration.

With this partnership we could take it one step further, doing both a retail and in-game content by making it the actual theme of the series, introducing things like:

• 7-ELEVEN GAS STATIONS/CONVENIENCE STORES : As part of the evolving world category, the devs could introduce the highly requested gas stations into the game, adding them across the map, like how the mini-festivals worked back in the Horizon 10th anniversary update.
The props used in these 7-eleven gas stations could be available in the Eventlab, and…

[The neon piñata can be the one released in the Series 19 update]

• HIGH REQUESTED CAR: If we want to make this update succeed, the devs could release a high requested car as the cover car for this series, as any of those cars would work, like the new 911 GT3 RS, Nissan v16, 2021 Toyota GR86, etc.

• SPECIAL EDITION CAR: Alongside the new-to-Forza car, PGG can release a 7-eleven edition car, it will be the same as the other special edition cars we have seen on previous collaborations, with an unique livery on it and some exclusive upgrades. This time, the car and the livery could be based on the Ford Mustang Model 711


This exclusive car (and some other cars with a similar livery if they wanted to) would work just like the other partnerships, buying something out of the 7-eleven lineup in order to get a code and redeem it to unlock said car.

• NEW CLOTHING ITEMS/EMOTES: As last but not least (for the in-game content) we have this, 7-eleven themed clothing would be right if you ask me, with the branding and their color scheme, it could make up for some good-looking clothes (hoodies, shirts, racing jackets) + some new emotes (like drinking a Big Gulp/Slurpee drink alongside your car).


At the side of 7-eleven, they could make things like:
-Exclusive Forza Horizon 5 themed designs for their cups
-The usual codes you’d get on this sort of collaboration, you obtain these when buying anything from their lineup, that when redeemed, it could give you the 7-eleven edition cars I mentioned above.
-The usage of a new hashtag specifically made for FH5 x 7-eleven content that would be shared just like the Carsof7ELEVEn hashtag works on their social media accounts, this would get even more notoriety to the brand and would push players to make content out of this collaboration.

I know this maybe too ambitious, specially for just a series update, it will take a lot of effort to make this possible, and it would probably be slightly expensive to get it done for both partners, but if it can be done, it will pay off really well for everyone.