FH5 on XBOX SeriesS - Last Update lost pedal and shifter input

Hi Guys !
This week, just after the last FH5 Update on my Xbox S, i lost the Wheel :frowning:
I can use the wheel buttons, but no more the POedals and the Shifter :frowning:
Some ideas mates ?
Thanks & Take Care

I’m having the same issue on my series X. Wheel buttons work in menus until I get into a car and then the only input accepted is the Xbox button itself, so I can shutdown the game or switch games, but that is it. Peddles and shifter not working at all.

Hi, same issue here after latest update - xbox series x G920 logitech wheel, shifter pedals. Menus okay, once in game no pedal action no steering. might be steering but can’t move… Shifter no good either.

any ideas?

Anyone get anywhere with this?

I’m completely dead in the water on FH5, since I can’t use the wheel, it’s unplayable. Does anyone who can do anything about it even monitor this site?

Pretty frustrating… when is the next update?