FH5 is lacking the magic of FH4

Think of this game as any movie series…its rare for “Part 5” of anything to be more than “more of the same”…technically (bugs aside) its a step forward (look at how well it scales), but there’s a sense of “why am I here and doing this?” that is missing for me. I blame “Part 5” syndrome however…its not you, game, it’s me.

Mexico’s lack of distinct seasons is a real deal-breaker for me however, while I’d say that FH4 had 2 seasons: Snow and Not Snow, Mexico doesn’t really even seem to have that…add in the bugs where night is never really dark and the HDR or brightness changes on many cars between cockpit and external view, the way (For me) times and weather updates lag…(all of a sudden rain and clouds will stop abruptly and suddenly I’m driving in perfect weather again), etc…stuff like this really takes me out of hte moment, but the lack of distinct seasons is killing the game for me.

FH5 is a victim of its own previous success.

If only it was the same… but it’s worse. Saying it’s the same would be ignoring everything that you are seeing, and doing.

The seasons thing is the biggest reason why I don’t like all the pandering to normies that gaming companies such as Microsoft are doing.

The result of the complaints against the snow was FH5 where you have a little noisy wind, a little dust, some snow hidden at the peak of a mountain and that’s it.

I think what people actually want is a separate snow aera/map or a weather selector.

Snow covered tarmac was a problem in online S1-S2 road racing too.

Not with rally tires… :slight_smile:
The Speed 12 and Veneno were 2 of my go-to’s for S2 dirt/snow.

There is some track have both type of tarmac in winter road racing. (dry and snow covered)
Normal racing tire is still faster in dry winter road.

When we changed to dirt(snow) tire
We have extra PI but the only thing we can put are POWER. (S2)
Then we got a very bad handling power car no matter we are with slick or dirt tire.
In online I can handle my car but the other people slide me to wall.

Snow covered tarmac are more like Rally road but they put it in road racing.
With lots of matchmaking give us Dirt/CC
The game become 70% chance having slippy/bad condition track

They should’ve done a mountain range and given Mexico a strong sector of snow for whatever Mexican season that merits that. It’s weird they included snow tires for what little snow there is

Not really. Not weird at all. At this point, its easy to assume they just added snow tires randomly without even knowing what they were doing, like everything else.
It is as “weird” as other badly implemented things in this game, that can be counted as hundreds at this point.

Same for me… It is really boring to have the “same” season every week.
The game itself is not entertaining, challanges are made for kids mainly, they are more for a show then for a real challange.
The mechanics of how cars jump, land, or handle with a handbrake, etc are too childproof, room for mistake is small.
Interaction with water, trees or any crashable map element can be significantly improved.

And the most anoying thing, which is irreal is the fact that you can drive in offroad mode with bassically any car…any sports car can run through hills and mountains way too easy…there is no real benefit of having an SUV.

most games are missing that soul recently…

That was one of the things Test Drive Unlimited 2 really excelled at for me. SUVs felt like they had an actual purpose since they (along with cars with rallying heritage) were the only vehicles that could properly traverse dirt roads.

While FH5 has a lot of improvements that I personally appreciate a lot like incredible engine and exhaust sounds (more depth, more diverse), some nice added customization and paint options, and I do like the more photorealistic environment versus the color-saturated and somewhat cartoony look of Britain in FH4…and yet, somehow FH4 still feels more special and warm to me than FH5. Over time FH4 began to feel like an old friend and somehow that is simply not true of FH5. I think Britain was more charming and a better map overall, though I would have loved to see it given the same photoreal treatment that Mexico got. I wish we could take the small improvements and quality-of-life upgrades in FH5 and apply them to FH4 along with the new engine sounds and I would be ecstatic.


… . . .on PC, FH5 is also highly lacking FH4’s graphics refinements. It looks a whole lot better, especially on a 4K screen.