FH5 Frame Rate Issues | Setting And Software Problems

[Quick Vid Detailing My Problems] (Forza Horizon 5 Settings/Software Issues - YouTube)

1: What monitor do you have? If it has drivers are those installed/in use? e.g.: in device manager is it listed by it’s name or “generic PnP monitor”?
2: do you have the latest manufacturer drivers installed for the graphics card?
3: do you use any 3rd party resolution/FPS scaling applications for older games that can force the native resolution of the monitor installed?
4: do you have graphics card drivers that automatically apply graphic optimizations to games, like the G-force experience panel can do?

These questions are where I would start, short of basically reinstalling the graphics card and checking all the drivers and windows is up to date. The game sees what the system reports as the native res… so it would seem that what Windows thinks it is, isn’t lining up with reality of the hardware.

Good luck.

1: The monitor I have is an Omen 27i. There were no drivers listed for it on HP’s support website, so I don’t believe it has any. It does show up as Generic PnP Monitor in device manager. I made sure the PnP driver was up to date and intact. It is named as Omen 27i IPS in AMD’s graphics software.
2: My AMD 5700 XT’s graphics drivers are up to date.
3: I do not have any third party programs or services that I am aware up. Native resolution is not the problem anyway.
4: I don’t know. Pretty sure I can make a custom profile though.
5. Horizon 5 is the only game I have where this is a problem. Horizon 4 runs normal, Halo Infinite runs normal, all of my steam games run normal.
6. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Horizon 5 twice to no avail.

Just played Halo to make sure it wasn’t a problem with games from the Microsoft Store. The in game display settings list the monitor as Omen 27i IPS, same as in AMD’s software. I’m inclined to believe that Horizon 5 is not communicating with AMD’s software for whatever reason.

Thanks for the help.

Yes, there are known issues with AMD cards right now, although, I’m not certain your exact issue is covered or not.

I might submit a ticket if you have not already:


I know it’s not a solution, and the ticketing process may not yield any result, but maybe.
I’m otherwise out of ideas unfortunately.

Sorry I cannot assist more. Good Luck! :slight_smile:

The recently announced Series 12 update references a low frame issue when SAM is enabled on AMD 6x00 cards. Maybe that will help? I hope it fixed the issues I have in Hot Wheels.