FH5 "follow creator" via Creative Hub is broken. Can't follow/unfollow (3930200)

Is it me or is this broken again?

Is it me or is “Follow Creator” broken again?
Sadly, I don’t think this is just me…


I’ve been stuck on 803 for a few days, hard to say until tomorrow, it dies down at the end of the week

can confirm I picked up a follower in the past 8 hours, after updating

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Thanks for checking! Yes - I also picked up 1 new follow. There was/is a substantial delay in updating the “followed players” listing. If you make a change, that table does not appear to update in real-time. Not sure how long the delay is, but I would have to guess hours.
Thanks again!

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I haven’t been on since last weekend, but the last time I checked, I had gained a few followers. I’m nowhere close to the numbers you guys are talking about (I believe I was at 180), but definitely appreciate those that have chosen to follow me regardless.

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OK - NOW I believe it’s broken again. Can you please test/verify?

no I got 14 new followers yesterday

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We are closing out this issue. The developers have noted this issue as Fixed, If you are still seeing this issue please create a new thread,

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