FH5 Community EV Wishlist

Rules for submitting an EV:

  1. The EV can’t be in the game already, as that’s against the whole point. If the vehicle has been in a previous game, however, it is allowed.
  2. There must be at least one fully-functional prototype and/or production example (which is why you won’t see the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio on my list).
  3. Post the car’s model year, make, model, and a picture.
    Can’t wait to see your submissions! :wink:

My personal wishlist:

  1. 2022 McMurtry Spéirling Prototype – Goodwood Edition
  2. 2022 Ford Pro Electric Supervan
  3. 2018 VW IDR Pikes Peak

    I will likely add to my picks in the future, but these are the 3 I want most to be added to the game so far.

Really? Personally, I’m not a fan of Tesla. They’re SO overrated… They still don’t know how to properly build a car. Or design one. Have you seen the Model X? Model Y? Cybertruck? Maybe those bloated hunks will look good next to a new BMW, but not much else. Nevertheless, I’m sure many would like to see the Plaid in FH5. Nice choice.

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Really good list there I totally agree

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Honda E
2017 - Current

Possibly with the Innovative Composites widebody

It may not be a performance monster, but I just love the looks of this car
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Pininfarina B95

Tango T600

It might top the Peel P50 for the ultimate meme machine. It has - I’m not joking - 805 HORSEPOWER

Thanks. I honestly forgot I made this LOL