FH4 The Seasonal Completion Percentage

I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.

Curious how it’s going and if you can explain what was already completed.

I tried to send you a screenshot, but I can’t upload from my console to my computer. Somehow, I lost OneDrive, and do not know how to get it back. I tried but it appears I have to pay to get it back, no way. I will just settle for completing the seasons. As long as I complete 80% I am fine with it. I did get 100% for winter.

Doing fine, but having all my monthly bills goes up is hurting me, and the companies like Direct TV do not care. Oh well nothing I can do about it. How are you doing?

I was able to get a ranked games session this series so I didn’t have to do ranked racing but can skip some things and still get the 80% prizes. I was really only interested in the series Camaro. I have a few already so I’m going to be rethinking that choice in the future. It’s a lot of work for one car. I ran the Trial this season which I was going to skip. I enjoy the dirt racing in winter so it was pretty entertaining.

Yeah, everything seems expensive. Not sure where things will go…

What car are you using for the Weekly Broadway Windmill? I have no Saloons that I can get the 3 stars. I only have one that has the Jump perk. I have upgraded 5 of my cars to S2, and I am way short. Do you have to beat the record that you have set which my record is over 1,500?

It’s just 3 star which is 1200ft I think. I used a maxed Bentley Turbo. I can take a look tomorrow at alternatives. I don’t think that tune is shared.

All the cars I tried I came within a few feet of reaching the road. I’ll check but I do not think I have the Bentley.

I did the Trial and it was the first time that we were skunked on all 3 races, a big fat 0. Get this I finished all 3 races with plenty of time left on the clock, even when I missed one check point, there still was plenty of time left. Myself and 1 other member were the only ones who finished the 1st race. The other 4 did not finished. 2 dropped, and there were 3 of us that finished the 2nd race , and me and lady from the 1st race again, just the 2 of us finished. The 4 bad drivers were all over the place. Luckly I was able to get past them the 1st race, and they were nowhere to be found.

It looked like you hand the keys of a high tech car to a little kid, and tell him go drive. I used one of My Bugatti’s and I did well it.

Yeah, that sounds like a typical S2 trial. Just have to keep trying until you get a good team. It can be hit or miss.

I do have the Bentely tuned it with the Jump Tune, and still coming up short. My car does not have the Jump Perk if that makes a difference?

I shared a tune for the BMW M5 FE called Windmill 1400ft+. With a clean run up I was consistently at 1400ft and did get over 1450ft. There’s no aero so it’ll drift a bit if pushed too hard through the corners. If you’re close but a little short try to veer the car to the left when you are close to the jump. Just a little bit can help with the topography of the landing.

The perks don’t affect the performance or indicate what the car is potentially good at.

Let me know how it goes. The Bentley was pretty good too but I’m tired of the V12 sound when it’s upgraded.

Thanks will try later. I have been constantly getting over 1100. I even got rid of the 2 signs, but it doesn’t do any good because they are right back when you do the jump.

I just completed all 3 Championships. Yesterday I was asked to raise my difficulty which is Highly Skilled because I was beating the AI’s too easily. LOL

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It worked but took a few tries. Kept crashing into the pillars. I took your advice and angled off to the left. I ended coming off on my side and landed on 2 wheels. I got it by just going off straight. Does the weekly count as 15%? I just completed it, and I was at 59%, and I at 74% now.

I tried a few more trials, and most of them I was racing alone against 6. I switched from my Chiron to the 218 Spider with your tune. Is it possible to make a rain tune? Think I will do the PGG which I hate and get 80% out of the way then all I need is the SZ, and the trial.

It is possible. I ended up using the Centenario with Constin’s tune for the trial. If you haven’t already tried it I’d give it a go. If it’s just you vs the drivatars you win on points by finishing 3rd.

The weekly is 15% for the season,a pretty big portion. The BMW tune I shared doesn’t have aero so it’s a bit picky on some of the fast corners but I had fun playing around with it. I tried it again with a clean run up and got 1492 feet. There’s a little more in it but I kept having traffic. Glad you made it!

Is Constin’s tune a shared tune?

Yes, it’s constin oddity. I think you’ve used their tunes before. In general the Centenario is very good in the wet.

It’s not the one with the video is it? Because it is for winter, but it does not show a tune. I have a hard time following videos that have no narrative.

I can’t find his shared tuned, only the mention of the car.

It’s HERE. I ran it successfully though I had a few previous attempts with a Senna. The Senna was fine i just had some bad luck with teammates and drivatars.

I just completed the trial with a team nobody quit. I really wasn’t paying attention to the drivatars, and I noticed their levels change from trial to trail. Even with 3 of us in the purple couldn’t do anything. The one I just completed I was the only one high level, the others were white, green, and red, and I think one gold. Won all 3 .

I have been meaning to ask, what is no aero I think it is, and when is it best used?

I read one comment where the player was talking about the broken passes. He was saying that it was fixed for FH5, but it will not be fixed for us, or any of our issues will not be fixed. Why do you think this is? I don’t understand the double standard.

Re aero, there is forza aero that can be added to cars to add downforce. Without it the cars just have their stock downforce which in most cases is none. There’s less drag without it but cornering can benefit from having it. It’s tradeoffs.

There is not a backstage pass system in FH5 so I don’t know what they were talking about. There is still a double standard because FH5 is the newest version so they are focusing on where there are more players. There’s things broken in it too though.