FH4 The Seasonal Completion Percentage

Thereeeeeeeeeeeeee Back. I was wrong. Just got a Pass.

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They stopped adding cars to the backstage around about where they stopped adding new cars to the game. I guess it’s just how it works for them since they released the next game version. I didn’t get a pass for the season but I am still at 49% for the series.

I’m glad you found a tune, which car though?

The Mini 2013 X-Raid. I am at 44% for the series.

It appears to me that we are only getting a pass like once every 6 or 7 weeks.

Did you see the reply I go from Nursemorph about the matching? The matching system that is being used is for shooting games like Call of Duty, and those kind of games, and not for racing games.

I just got the 2nd Pass, and I should be 80% Completion for the Season, I am @ 77%, and it should be @ 84% I think. I won the Showcase, and I have to do it all over again. I did not get credit for it. Everything is done except for one stunt and the dailies. Please don’t tell me the Showcase is broken. Unless this Showcase you have to be at a certain difficulty.

I typed this a while ago and forgot to send. I think the Showcase is broken. If you look at the event in the play list you see an offroad vehicle, The vehicle you use is the one from the previous Showcase from the previous season. I just checked to see what car I drove, and it took me to another Showcase different from the one in the playlist. It’s the Halo Showcase. These dev’s need to get their you know what together. I think they have their heads so far up their butts.

I was RIGHT. It’s Halo not the Plane. Do I get some kind of reward :smiley:

The picture I have in the playlist matches the Halo showcase so not sure what happened with yours. Sounds like you got it though.

Yeah I saw what Nursemorph said. It could explain a lot. Sometimes in FH4 I don’t get full teams on either side so there’s not much matchmaking to do. If 5 players queue at the same time it’s pretty clear what will happen.

The Mini Xraid is pretty nice. It doesn’t have the suspension travel of others in it’s car type but it’s stable to drive.

All I need is the SZ, and I am trying it with the Light Jag that I used in the Jag Championship. It is a well oiled machine, and handles great. I thought maybe you had a tune for it. I used the Grip tune. I left because there were too many players there, and some of them were not ghosting out for some reason.

I used the Mosler this time with a good run up from the top of the hill.

I can do it with the Jag, just can’t get hit the last curve just right. Have over 4 days to do it. I almost had it going up hill.

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I switched to my Hoonigan Ford Fiesta ST. I am having a hard time with the last curve.

I just found the Mosler. Due you have a tune for it?

Found the tune. 114,000 credits, don’t special customers get a discount? :smiley:

Just as I was about to take her on the road it was time for the live session. It was the perfect one to test her out. A dirt SZ which I failed a few times, but when I didn’t well over 100mph. A Danger Zone where the ruins are around the jump, I think in Moore Head, and the ST on the freeway.

I used a Pass yesterday and got the Twin Mill. WOW the car is smooth as silk. Very quiet and very smooth on the road. What tune would you recommend?

Now off to the ST Challenge.

Another all Gold Season. Finally was able to keep above 80 going into the final curve. Thank you very much.

Does the X Class ever come up in the Ranked Team Racing?

Either I’m NUTS or the game is NUTS! I went to click on the Trap to see what speed I got with the Mosler. It shows I completed it yesterday with my TVR Speed 12 @ 87. I swear it never showed Gold after I hit the trap. Unless I brought up the map too fast to go back up the hill. I never saw my speed above 80 out of the curve. One time I did, but I never got the Gold, and I waited before going back up the hill.

Now I have time to kill doing other things, but haven’t decided what I want to do.

Hi, glad you finished it. When you go back and look at the stats it shows your personal best speed. That could have happened at any time since you played the game. I recall you talking about using the speed 12 but that was a while ago. I find it interesting to use a variety of cars available when possible to accomplish things. I’m sure the Hoonigan rs200 would be another great choice.

I don’t think x class comes up in the online racing. I think s2 998 is the highest. I got s2 winter racing when I qualified for ranked this series.

The twin mill is a pretty interesting car. I always liked it. Maybe I’ll have to go back and find some things to do with it.

Are there 2 versions of the Twin Mill? When I was on the hill there was one with open cockpit, and mine is closed.

Funny I have raced in 4 Ranked Team Races today, and I am getting all blue team. The red team players are doing the same thing when I getting them. 4 against 4, 4 against 2, 4 against 1. Something needs to be done about quitting races, unless of course you are disconnected.

I’m only aware of the closed twin mill. There’s a lot of information outside of the game on its history as a hot wheels car and a real version. I don’t recall a roadster version.

The car was a roadster and much smaller. It sure looked like it had the twin mills, but I may have been mistaken.

By chance do you have any other tunes for the Mosler S1, S2 or lower? Dirt, Road, or Street Racing?