FH4 and Lightroom by hexgraphica

Hello to everyone. I’ve been taking and editing screenshots for a while.

I use ShareX to capture (window capture), to upload in PNG 32bit format to my Flickr photostream, and Lightroom Mobile to edit the shots. My computer is a low-end gaming laptop (GL553VD), so I play at 30FPS and can’t max every setting out because of the graphics card (1050GTX 4GB).

PS: I don’t recommend downloading the shots with the Flickr app, as most of them will load in smaller res and more compressed, you can see that in the first two shots that look bad once opened. I have a tab always open in Chrome (or Brave, as well) on my Photostream in desktop mode. Unfortunately you can’t share the fullres image directly into Lightroom (as you would do using the Flickr app), meaning that it has to be downloaded and added to Lightroom manually.

I hope you’ll like my shots.

(Most of them have been uploaded to my fb page and then deleted from my phone, so they’ll be facebook uploads).

I’ve tried to resize the thumbnails, but it doesn’t seem to work :expressionless:

I really like your use of color and composition, although some of the duotone type shots don’t work quite so well for me. I especially like the Lancia night shots & the Skyline right above.

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