FH3! [XB1 & PC} AMS Forza - Meets,digs,rolls,drift,etc(16+ Mature clean players only)With DISCORD

Keen to get in if still active I added u on Xbox

Sure am mate, just currently on holidays back at the start of November. Just join the club and add the co leaders :slight_smile:

Still accepting? I’ll send a message and add u

GT: CarstensDJ

I’m always keen to cruise and drift. Don’t mind the occasional drag…

Send us a message on xbone bra, Smagsy

Sounds cool. Can I join also?

we sure are, 200 members strong, and a KIK chat of 50 members is the core. So if you join we recommend getting KIK.

Hey guys, doing a little series for my club so members know the drift lines we hit up. Thought I’d share, hoping to get some new members also. Noted tho we aren’t a drift only crew. (See AMS Forza in club lounge) Or just message me for more info.

Started with NICE - The standard

FH2 | Drift Lines | Nice - 1. The Standard

Another drift line up and a R32 highway rolls battle.

FH2 | Drift Lines | Docks - 1. Container Loop

R32 650hp Highway Rolls

Hi im Happy to join some meets and cruises! My gamertag is JackVidlerr
i also make videos on meets at my YT Channel… it would grow your forum…

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You still around mate? Hit me up on xbox one (Smagsy) club is still very active.

Still very much active guys. Also if you like to host feel free to hit us up. Plenty of members waiting for good hosts.

I would like to join

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Hey guys,

Getting ready for FH3. Club discord already up. Please join and introduce yourself, if possible post a vid of your cruising style as well to become a full member. Must be 16+

We need HOSTS so if you wanted to host full lobbies but don’t know heaps of ppl we’re the ppl you want. Must have a chilled attitude and a passion for clean meets.

We’re looking for clean mature players to help/join car meets ranging from chilled slow cruises, drift meets, drags, rolls, themed meets with hp/weight limits etc.

Also note we’re not a crew that’s always on mic, the clubs goal is to be always active so when you want to get on and have a cruise with clean players we’re there.

Some crew links:


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_1yEOzmc2Q75LEqtPoNCxg/featured

Some vids of the crew activity:

My GT is Smagsy Another Host is DUBAI 2015
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