FH3! [XB1 & PC} AMS Forza - Meets,digs,rolls,drift,etc(16+ Mature clean players only)With DISCORD

Hey guys,

Getting ready for FH3. Club discord already up. Please join and introduce yourself, if possible post a vid of your cruising style as well to become a full member. Must be 16+

We need HOSTS so if you wanted to host full lobbies but don’t know heaps of ppl we’re the ppl you want. Must have a chilled attitude and a passion for clean meets.

We’re looking for clean mature players to help/join car meets ranging from chilled slow cruises, drift meets, drags, rolls, themed meets with hp/weight limits etc.

Also note we’re not a crew that’s always on mic, the clubs goal is to be always active so when you want to get on and have a cruise with clean players we’re there.

Some crew links:


Youtube: AMS Media - YouTube

Some vids of the crew activity:

My GT is Smagsy Another host is DUBAI 2015

Cheers to all the new members that have joined from here!

Crew continuing to grow with a couple of half filled lobbies going daily atm. Hit us up.

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First edit for the crew is up. :slight_smile:


How does one go about joining the club? Lol

How does one go about joining the club? Lol

Hey bro got your in game message, have added you up invites will be sent :slight_smile:

hi i play too and i would like to join ur club :smiley:

Hey mate, make sure you add my on Xbox one and send me a message. GT is : Smagsy

Side note, crews now up to 150 members and growing quickly now.

Hey Smagsy

I would like to join also. I only bought an Xbox One a few days ago. Thanks

Nice wax, lots of members fresh to xbone in the crew too. Send me a message and add me GT: Smagsy

Is this still active? Would enjoy to have some meet ups and make new friends.

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We sure are. Thanks for joining us and helping us grow! Heres another edit by member James 4113 to check out REPOST - YT - James 4113 - Forza Horizon 2 AMS - YouTube

PM’d you, Smagsy.

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Not sure if you’ve added me, send me a message on xbone. :slight_smile:

New edit up AMS Forza Drag & Drift

Looks sick! Definitely joining.

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Hi there! Interested to make some new chill friends to race with. Are you guys still open to new recruits?

We sure are! Hopefully you’ve already added me. If not please do and send me a message saying you found us on the forum.

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Thanks mods. :slight_smile: