FH3 Crashes after splash screen (Nvidia / Intel GPU Laptop)

So FH3 stops after the splash screen and the only way it goes past that is if I disable the Intel GPU in device manager. If I disable the Intel GPU then the game opens, but it’s locked at 1080P and CPU usage runs out of control causing the Nvidia GPU to idle in frequency. It’s a Nvidia Optimus setup, so the 960m runs through the Intel HD 4600, but this game must blacklist the Intel HD 4600 and stops the game from loading. This is frustrating and I’m not sure why this wasn’t fixed all these years after the game was released. Any help would be great… I’ve tried loading new drivers, but nothing helps.

EDIT: FH4 works just fine and I’m getting 1080 Ultra @ 30FPS with FXAA instead of MSAA, so why FH3 doesn’t work is ridiculous! I would love to modify the TargetHardwareProfiler.xml, but MS has locked the WinodwsApps folder. Does anyone know how to modify the WindowsApps directory or how to fool the game not to detect the Intel GPU?

Laptop Specs

Intel I7-4720HQ
Nvidia 960m GDDR5
500GB Samsung Evo 850 SSD
Windows 10 Build 2004