FH2 Xbox one bug Freeze Issue During Race video included

My FH2 Is a digital download which i have installed to my external hard drive.

It Happens just below Saint Martin

Name of race - North Ridge Street Race - Super Hot Hatch Street Race

Here is the video of my issue tried rebooting the Xbox to no avail don’t really fancy re downloading the whole entire game again due to my slow speeds.

My game does the exact same thing, just not right there. Well it might do it right there too, I just can’t get past the part where mine does it to find out. Out of curiosity, are you on the dashboard preview?

Oh and I’m in the process of reinstalling after an uninstall. Not very hopeful though, but if it does work I’ll post back up and let ya know.

Yep I am in the preview program and thanks for the reply.

this glitch is also happening to me as well. i wonder if its digital download versions only experiencing this.

No i have disc copy and still freezez

Happens to my digital version as well.