FH2 X360

Will i was told That there will be a big update for the 360 , including Opening of the docks, 15 new cars ( Sesto Elemento was the only one i was notified about ) drivetrain swaps, thats all i was noticed about.

Who told you that?


Are your friends on Xbox Live trolling you again?

Please link the source.


If there is no official source than chances are it won’t happen

Friends must be trolling, because it is crystal clear that Sumo, Turn 10, or Playground Games will never bring another update to Horizon 2 … on the Xbox 360. The only update was the title one, but everything else will be left alone.

People have been requesting a few features, and the fix of glitches, but it is now far too late.

Sounds to me, also, that your friends are telling you the features on Xbox One version of this game.


Are you thinking of the Fast and Furious game, available for $10 and has the docks, 15 cars (I think), but there’s no Sesto or drivetrain swaps?

It is unlikely - there weren’t 15 cars, first, and if Sumo is to open the Docks, they might just open the Golf Course and the Castle. And fix the out of map glitches on Playground.

Anyways, at this point, I am almost certain there will not be any updates. Ever.