FH2 Fast & Furious Car Pack - Nov. 10

I haven’t seen anything yet.No update here so far.

try restarting your xbox. or quitting the game and restarting it

FM6’s Fast and Furious car pack in FH2?! This gives me a another reason to hop back on Horizon. I’ll be picking this up tomorrow

On a side note, now that we have Dom’s '70 Charger and Brian’s '95 Supra in FH2, I wonder who’s going to be the first to recreate the final race of The Fast and the Furious

I assume if you’ve already paid for the original pack you have to buy this “version” too, right?

yeh of course…it’s a different pack
free would have been nice though


I’ll gladly pay for that pack on Horizon. Bought it for FM6 and it could only be used online.

And for that reason in particular, it should be “free” for those who bought the FM6 version. Wouldnt have wasted my time with had I known(for sure) that they were planning this release and the totally unmentioned limitations of the FM6 version.

Yea especially to VIP’s. Most of them are S1 and S2’s which I have enough of, only one I care about is the escort and the 350 so this is one I wont be buying. FH3 next year :slight_smile:

Brilliant news, thanks Turn 10 and Playground.

Do you have to buy all the dlc cars now as none of them are showing up as ‘Free’ in the autoshow?

I got them for free in the autoshow.

I downloaded the update and it has glitches the game! It will not start up anymore gets hung up during the initial loading after signing in at the Lamborghini screen. Piss me off FM6 is working fine so I played that a bit but I really just don’t like the hardcover sim the game play in FH2 is the best in the biz. I may have to uninstall the game and reinstall it I hope it keeps my data.

Any one else have this problem?

I’ve downloaded the pack no problem, but the cars are unpaintable and have no visual upgrades. At least in the few I’ve tried. I definitely remember painting some of them in FM6, I can’t recall if they had visual upgrades.

I’ve downloaded the update with no issues, however, when I try to purchase the car pack I get an error message which isn’t recognised by the microsoft support website. Has anybody else not been able to download the pack?

I’m hoping, it will be some free cars. For example the Supra RZ :]

I bought the pack, cars aren’t showing up free. I powered off the console and unplugged it, no update that I saw happened. Guess I will wait on those particular cars for awhile to become free. Still plenty of others in the game for me to buy yet.

Cars still arent showing up as free for me yet either, very annoying as i want to drive that Charger!

So we have the iconic Supra and Mitsu now. Isn’t the ford the one involved with the tank take down? I know the Daytona was. Hobbes’s armored truck from 5 is sweet.

Very strange to see T10 provide a major update to game way beyond its update life cycle of 10- 11 months (FH2 is now 13 1/2 months old) . This means that FH2 will possibly morph into FH3 somehow or that FH3 will be inclusive of FH2. In any event, I haven’t gotten the pack yet, but will one day soon! What is really needed here is the Fallout 4 Ford F100, as this is where I think that car really belongs, not in track restricted FM6.

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I don’t see how a late car pack means it will evolve into anything other than what it is. Pretty sure the 1000 Club for the first Horizon came after the one year mark.

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