FH2 Dead Data

Okay for the past week I have experienced what I was warned about when buying an Xbox, it’s terrible data syncing. I changed my username a while back and since then, every time I launch FH2, it says I need to sync data. So I allow it to, and after days of trying, I finally get to the point where it has a percentage of completion. However, it got to 97%, and stayed there, for an hour, I then left it and my Xbox shut off (time cycle thingo). I then booted it up and tried to do it again and it game me a choice if I would like to load the newest cloud save, so I selected that, but it said there was an unknown error while syncing, and stopped. I then just selected “play offline” and it sent me into a new game save. Now whenever I launch my game, the same thing happens, a new save. Nothing, my whole game data is gone.

Now this is really frustrating and I don’t expect people to understand however, I am considering deleting my save data for FH2 via the management screen, but I would like to know, will this delete my DLCs purchased as well? I need to know a DEFINITE answer to this otherwise I may loose over $80 worth of content and believe me, that will be goodbye xbox.

Thank you for reading and please post whatever help you may have in the comments below.

DLC is installed during the monthly content updates so it’s on your disc regardless of the state of your game save. What you have on your disc (and in the cloud) is a license to use the content. You won’t loose your DLC if you delete your save because your DLC is linked to your gamertag not your game save.

See talby71’s post here: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postsm305129_Upgrading-from-internal-HDD-to-external-HDD.aspx#post_305129

Oh, it’s also worth mentioning that you only get your DLC for free (0CR) the first time you buy it. If you delete your save then the next time you purchase your DLC you’ll have to pay the respective CRs for it.

Thank you for the clarification but I still need to know how to fix this. Everywhere I have looked no-one knows the answer, it’s a game, i’m sure someone knows how to fix it. I don’t want to have to do everything over again.

I’m sorry Kid but there’s only a canned response possible here on the forums: The development team has acknowledged that there is a problem with game save loss/corruption and has offered to help. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do here on the forum besides pointing you to an email address, and this recent post by HeliosT10 who is on the Development Team:

You’ll get an automated reply from this address but be patient and someone will try to help you.

It’s not much consolation but you’re not the first to have this problem and I doubt you’ll be the last.

That’s okay I understand I’m just a little frustrated. A moderator/dev has PM’d me and we are talking about the issue so thank you for the advice and generosity for replying to my issue.

I haven’t played Horizon 2 on the Xbox One for a week, instead I am enjoying the pleasures that the 360 edition is offering. Tomorrow I will join an open lobby with AR12 and I seriously hopeI will not have this issue, because I will not have many other chances to play with that crew.

At least, if this issue happens, I will know where to go.

The issues I am experiencing might have something to do with how much that can be stored in the cloud.

About a week back now, I couldn’t play either FM5 or FH2, because as soon as I tried to play them, they started attempting a sync for the cloud save. The reason why I no longer could play directly using my local game saves, I have no idea.

Eventually, I deleted the local saves (rather large, more than 200MB each) and tried to sync, only to get the message “We were unable to sync your data with the cloud just now” every time (I got that message even the few times when I reached 100% sync).

After some digging online, I found out that the max cloud storage space for each Gamertag account is 512MB. I wonder if I have run out of cloud space, and perhaps this is preventing me from syncing my Forza games properly? I just don’t know. What I’m still hoping for is that there is nothing wrong with the cloud game saves themselves, but that it’s “only” a problem with currently accessing them. I’m still undecided whether or not I should get FM6. If my cloud game saves are still intact and the FM6 vinyl/livery import process handles those cloud saves, I’m fine. If the FM6 vinyl/livery import process handles the local game saves, I’m done (since I’ve deleted my local game saves and can’t sync to get them back).

Even if I haven’t already reached the max cloud save, I will most likely reach it if I get FM6, since Forza game saves are huge in comparison to other games.

I have tried everything to sync my game saves in the cloud, and won’t try again. I guess it’ll be interesting to see if I can import any user created content from FM5 and FH2 IF I get FM6. Until then, it’s going to feel strange not playing Forza, as I’ve played some Forza title almost daily since FM4 came out… I might start playing Halo: Master Chief Collection for reals now to distract me from my Forza cravings. lol

This is a very useful bit of information Thunder, it’s the best explanation I’ve heard yet as to why this happens so often to Forza players. I’ve had a look at the sizes of my XBO games - FM5 @ 73MB and FH2 @ 102MB, which could explain why I’ve never had this problem. My other XBO games (Thief and AC: Black Flag) had insignificantly small game saves - both less than a MB.

I Googled “xbox cloud storage limit” and found an article which says that Microsoft are planning to give Xbox Live members unlimited cloud storage. It’s a pretty old article, so maybe it hasn’t been implemented yet but it does offer a glimmer of hope - and is sorely needed.

Anyhow good luck with solving this one - I hope HeliosT10 can help you out.

I finally got my FM5 game save to sync, and I now have all my liveries and vinyl groups back for that game. My FH2 game save is still “invalid”, so I don’t have any hope to get that one back. At this point, I don’t dare to remove any local game save, in fear that it’ll ruin my recovered FM5 one. I guess it’s always something to be happy about. :slight_smile:

I DO wonder where my game save for FM6 will be saved other than locally however - IF I get FM6. With the maximum of 512MB in the cloud, my FM5 games save (230MB) and “invalid” FH2 (213MB) already take up most of those 512MB. I reckon this remains to be seen.

Xbox 360 “cloud saves” are 514 MB, not Xbox One. See: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/games/cloud-game-saves-faq

"How much cloud storage do I have?

“On Xbox One, each individual game is given storage. As a user’s game library grows so does their cloud storage and an Xbox Live Gold membership is not required. This effectively gives Xbox One users unlimited cloud storage based on their library size.”

Why is it that the FAQ are different depending on which country you live in? It gets confusing. Maybe the US “cloud game save support page” is the only one that has been updated for the Xbox One?

According to both the Swedish and the UK FAQ for the Xbox One (edit: also Canadian and Australian) (http://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-one/games/cloud-game-saves-faq):

“Can multiple people use cloud storage from the same console?”
“Yes. Each Xbox Live gamertag can store 512 MB in the cloud. Cloud storage also requires 512 MB of space on the local hard disk to cache and store files.”

A VERY good question, though it most likely was just an update of the content that was never made. I have no idea, but I’ll tap on some shoulders and see what they have to say.

I also see “unlimited” for cloud storage in many various articles from well-known sites, without limitation to country/areas.

Your shoulder tapping worked. :slight_smile: The support pages I listed as incorrect now show the same cloud storage info as the US one.