FH1 images deleted from gallery


So I guess I should get right to the point.
8 years ago, I uploaded a hell of a lot of pictures to the FM.net gallery from FH1. I know for a fact they were all there because I downloaded them from there onto my old PC and my old Galaxy Y.
8 years later, every single one of those images has gone missing. I just get an error telling me it can’t load them because there’s no results
(Yes, I am changing the URL to show FH1 instead of FH4 in the title=

I haven’t done anything and I don’t really see a reason why they were deleted
Were they intentionally removed following the end of its life? Or is this a bug which I’ve somehow triggered.


I don’t think anybody would store your files for so many years. I could be wrong.

Yeah I understand that, but it’s the fact they were there in 2016, and suddenly they were deleted without prior notice and now the site only throws up an error

Communication from T10/PG is sadly very bad overall. So nobody knows as always and we can only speculate.

Any updates on this? I need to know if you can still move screenshots off the gallery before I buy an Xbox Live subscription to do it.

There is people still sharing photos from the game in the photo share as of 5/16/2020 so it must still work.