FH now Enhanced for Xbox One X Backward Compatibility

Time to bring back the 1000 Clubs DLC… then i get an X Box One X instant! :smiley:

The 1000 club appears to be working normally with my copy. It downloaded as a 2nd file on top of the update. The achievements also appear to be working. It’s showing 10 incomplete achievements plus all the individual challenges for every car in the game.

Yeah but only works if yout got it before EOL Status.

If you did not have it before they vanished it from the Store you´ve no chance to get 1000 Clubs DLC.

Every achievement and Forza Rewards challenge is still obtainable, except 10 achievements from 1000 Club DLC and 1000 Club challenges in the Forza Rewards, unless you owned that DLC before T10 killed it or you are able to play the game on a console, where this DLC is installed. Season pass car packs are also problematic - none of them work for me (unable to even download the required files).

How do I know this? I bought the sealed limited collector’s edition (vip, season pass, day 1 content) about a year ago and also managed to grab the digital key for Rally Expansion.

I found a video from MotoGamesTV doing a comparison between the standard and X1X-updated version. I didn’t watch it on a 4K-capable device, but to me, it looks more like updated and better textures (AA and all that) over just a higher resolution.

Honestly, I would’ve preferred a 1080p/60FPS update for it over 2160p/30FPS.

Here’s Digital Foundry’s video as well.

Nostalgia’s hitting me hard though…

I just wish there was better FFB support for my TX. I like playing this except that the FFB seems washed out still. It is better but no where near what it is in the later games. Guess you could say I am spoiled a bit.

I had been preoccupied for a week, and hadn’t been on any forza. Started with FM7, and it needed to March update. Saw two games ready to update while waiting and was shocked to see horizon. I believe it was ~645 mb. After update I swore my eyes were playing tricks on me. Graphics looked a lot better. I just drove around appreciating the graphics and thought surely they’ve been improved.

Just logged on to forums to find out that indeed they have.

Went to redeem my weekly rewards and super happy to see that my car count has updated from 41, to 100. Idk if it was the update that did this, or that I spent 2.1 million on a car in game after updating. Never the less. Happy that I’m maxed out on horizon, although I dot have that 1000 club thing.

PC winX maybe?