FH Car Voting - Questions and Corrections

Those are the ones i meant in my original question, where there’s only type/model remaining, anything more complicated, i.e.

the normal approach makes more sense.

About the 2017 Toyota Prado, it is obviously a facelift from the same 4th-gen Prado from 2010.

As of now, this Prado’s year model is 2010-2023. With its new generation underway, it went discontinued last month.

Also, it represented already in FH5 as the 2016 Arctic Trucks AT37. Toyota removed the “Prado” name for European markets, by just calling it “Land Cruiser” for Europe. It was originally a Land Cruiser Prado in around Asia and Australia.

The Pagani Huayra Imola has its own sizable Topic at the moment but it’s still mentioned in the Base Topic for the Huayra.

It could either be merged or just have the mentions of the Imola removed from the base topic

hennessy ram trx hpe 1000

Hennesey hellcat
hennessy ram trx 6x6 hpe 1000

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