FH Car Voting - Questions and Corrections (READ the first post)

The Carrera RS merge will be done soon.

The others will also be done at some point.


I think you forgot to flesh out the 911 F and g series topics

I’ll get to them when I can, I’m currently busy

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Alto still needs the clarification between the Japanese model and the Indian Model

Split both the Wagon R and the Alto

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The Wagon R also has a larger version called the WagonR+ it is based of the first and second gen WagonR but is bigger and designed for markets like Europe it is also known as the Opel Agila A I would give it a split in my opinion as its also wider and isnt a kei car anymore

The indian version never was a Kei Car on first place, at least the recent versions

Japanese Version is already listed as Alto Lapin

So where do I vote

Click on a topic of your choice, the vote button is right at the top

That’s based on the Gen 8 Alto and not the Gen 9 so it will be merged into that.

Lapin has gen 9 as well as far i know
Also it seems they havent split deciding for vote instead, i think that it is unfair for the Indian market one beacuse most of people will vote for the Japanese one mostly instead

I think they should split into 2 threads instead of keep unifing into a single post

That Lapin Topic you linked can’t be based on the Gen 9 since it came out 6 years early.

There is the Lapin LC from 2022/23 but it seems to be based on the Gen 8 platform from all the info I can find.

For the various markets we’ll only add a new Topic if there’s noticeable differences between the models. For the Gen 8 Alto the Pakistan model is exactly the same as the Japanese one but without VVT and a lower compression ratio for the engine.

As for the People voting in the Poll vs a different Topic it’s irrelevant.

If people want a Japanese model they’ll vote on the Poll or they’d vote on its Topic, for a Pakistan model it’s the same. The only difference is if the Votes are shown on a Poll or on the Topic itself.

In all honesty having them in the same topic means the Pakistan model probably has the potential of getting more votes than it would if they were separate since most people wouldn’t specifically search for “Suzuki Alto Pakistan” over just a normal “Suzuki Alto” topic.

Even if they were separate Topics and the car was added to the game we’d get one or the other, we wouldn’t get two market versions of the exact same car.

I am talking about the WagonR+ produced from 1997 to 2006 also known as Wagon R Wide

The Japanese model is wider and taller than the India/Pakistan version, not just it, the JDM Alto is sold with another name in Pakistan/India market

Wheel base: 2380 mm (india) vs (japan) 2460 mm
Length: 3530 mm vs 3395 mm
Width: 1490 mm vs 1475 mm
Height: 1520 mm vs 1,525 mm

even by a seeing style and a quick research can show that they are not even close the same, one is more rounder and other is more squared

here is from the Indian and Japanese website

About the votes, people well always vote for Japan only and the thread comments will constantly talk about it, its a precedent on this very forum since the voting had begun, you can see it in various exemples like Vios vs Yaris and even inside models (Sedan GR Corolla vs Hatch GR Corolla),

Split (in different models of same name) is a better option beacuse gives a chance for the less known modelsbe known and the users that like the model can be heared without being overriden by the most known models of same name

For the Topic in question your link states this:

The only differences provided in terms of size are for the heights:

  • 1,475 mm (58.1 in)
  • 1,490 mm (58.7 in) (Pakistan)
  • 1,500 mm (59.1 in) (X, Turbo RS and Works trims)

Therefore we’re not splitting the Gen 8 and it will remain singular as the models are similar enough to be kept the same.

The other Alto and Wagon R models will likely be split between the Maruti Suzuki and Standard Suzuki versions for applicable model years where there is a substantial difference.

The next version being split would be the Japanese Gen 7 Alto and the Maruti Suzuki 800/K10 when I come to it.

As for the different Topics I still don’t see the point.

Users who want the Japanese version will Vote for it in the Poll.

Users who want the Pakistan version will Vote for it in the Poll.

If they were topics it wouldn’t change anything as users interested in the Japanese version wouldn’t be voting for the Pakistan Topic.

If 100 Users want the Japanese version and 100 different Users want to see the Pakistan version then the Poll will be split 100/100 which fulfills the exact same role as having two different topics with 100 Votes each.

If 20 Users then want to see both then the Poll will have a 120/120 split which also makes it easier to work with as opposed to the users having to search for and vote on two separate topics.

It doesn’t achieve anything outside of making us keep track of two entirely different topics instead of a single poll.

As for the styling the version produced in Pakistan is pretty much just a stripped down JDM Gen 8

The one in your image is the Indian-specific Maruti Suzuki A800 which is a different model entirely and already has a separate Topic for its latest generation

The Gen 2 Maruti will receive a separate Topic when I make the Gen 7 JDM Alto Topic as I mentioned above.

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That seems a good compromise between the indian and JP model

Can you make the same with the inidian and jDM models in FM threads as well?