FH Car Voting - Questions and Corrections (READ the first post)

I mean the VGTs have been able to be licensed for other games. Take a look at Asphalt 8 for an example. They have the VW Vision GTi and Citroen GT.

Drive club also had the VW

Is there a separate car voting for Horizon and motorsport? I thought there was. If not, I would hope you would make them separate.

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The Votes are for both.

Some Topics have Polls to see whether people are more interested in seeing them in either Motorsport or Horizon but in general it’s a representation of what people want to see in Forza as a whole.

Not really a need to distinguish them except for specific use cases like FIA Grade Race Cars which are more likely to be seen in Motorsport and Purpose Built Off-roaders which are more suited to Horizon.

Increasing the topics from 4600 to 9200 for cars did not seem prudent, so Car Voting is a separate category from Horizon and Motorsport features and applies to both franchises.


One question, how will it evolve for future iterations?
Will it get wiped for when the next Forza is announced (FH6) or will it be left to rot until FM2023 dies?
I’m asking because it seems like a pretty pertinent time to ask, with the first car going out of the voting section

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When a car model is added to both FH5 and Forza Motorsport we’ll move that to Previously Considered to halt voting on it. If the need arises users can post in the Car Topic Submissions to reopen the model for voting again.


And how will that deal with the longetivity issue? There’ll be cars added to the new Motorsport that are in FH5, cars only in FH5 or in the new Motorsport, cars that aren’t in either and cars that likely won’t ever be in either, how will that be dealt with over time? If topics just get closed and moved into another section, they could have a vote count reset, what about the rest? Will they keep (at some point) years old data (going back to 2022)?

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These are questions that can be dealt with at a future time.

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Thank you

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Hey max, some Opel models are sold as Vauxhall in UK, it is possible to put Opel models as Vauxhall in the same page too?


Hey, @T10ManteoMax do you please can pin this quote above everything on Car Vote area as “READ THIS BEFORE VOTE” or something like that?

I feel people dont know that this is not a election and it is just a sugestion as name says and i think that not many peoiple are using the index as it is a bit not that updated and prefer use the search button, i think that the more people see this disclamer, the better for community will be, beacuse some people dont know this is not a election but instead is just a sugestions area, like the name says

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If I’m not mistaken, the Hyundai i30 is the same model as the Hyundai Elantra, diff name for different regions.

The Tuscan R was an earlier production iteration of what would become the production Typhon. These two pages should possibly be combined.

Are concept cars made prior to the 2010s ever going to get their own voting threads? I mainly ask because, while many of my car suggestions have had threads created for them, I’ve noticed most concept cars made before 2010 that I have suggested keep getting skipped over. It has happened too many times to be a coincidence. I feel like it’s also worth noting that a vast majority of the concept cars that I have suggested are not only fully-functional, but many actually still exist both in museums and manufacturer vaults, thus making it very plausible for the developers and/or outsourced teams to scan for their inclusion in the games.


It’s true I am skipping over older concepts at the moment but only to prioritize production and race car models or recent one-offs. It’ll take some time but I’ll get to the concepts eventually. As a whole, the three dozen or so concepts that have appeared in Forza history amount to about 2% of the 1600+ production/race/tuner models, and have usually been contemporary with the current game. But I wouldn’t rule anything out, especially with Forza’s relationship with the Petersen museum and manufacturer collections.


Fiat Fastback is the name of FIAT Pulse fastback model

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Potential Topics for Merging and then having a Poll inside as to which Version people would prefer to see

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Would be better as a joint thread for that and the Corolla Levin (seeing as they’re closely related), it’s either that or making it clear that Corolla Votes = Sprinter votes

Two things about this:

  1. Have the Topic Submissions and this thread in both categories
  2. It’d be better if they were renamed to “Road” and “Race”, rather than by game, seeing as both games have a mix of road and race cars

I actually really like that there is now a way to vote specifically for cars you want in Horizon or MotorSport so we can see what the top-voted cars are for each game. It was a great decision overall. However, looking at it now, I’ve noticed that basically every road car ever put in the suggested hub was now moved solely to Horizon. Is this an implication that MotorSport is done adding road cars? Is this an official declaration that the cars moved to the Horizon voting section will never be added to MotorSport? I doubt it! (and I REALLY hope it’s not). So if it’s not, perhaps the threads should have just been doubled & moved over to both games. I’m sure people would unvote for cars that they don’t care to see in MotorSport/Horizon if that’s not the game they care to see the car in…

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