FH Car Voting - Questions and Corrections (READ the first post)

Hey Max, can you split WagonR in South East Asia and Kei Version|?
Vote here: Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 2019-current (Suzuki R 6th gen)

Shouldn’t these two topics be merged?


Could we potentially rename the HKS Time Attack topic to something like the 2006 HKS CT230R Lancer Evolution?

Or atleast just have the CT230R in the title so it’s easier to find.

It used to be called “2006 Mitsubishi HKS Time Attack Evolution CT230R” so that’s also an option but it’s a bit long winded like the current one.

Turns out that WagonR wasnt the only car that Suzuki likes to do it

There is 2 different versions of Alto being made today, one by Suzuki Japan (HA37/HA97) and another doing around the world but started by Maruti Suzuki India (K10)

Can you split the actual gen Alto ( link) to one based on the HA37/HA97 and another on resr of world version K10 ?

I would recommend that you rename the one i had put the K10 name on it (since i had mistakenlly posted the K10 images) and create another for the HA97


Here’s another 2 for Merging, these are both the Fifth Generation VX Dodge Viper produced from 2013 - 2017 like in the second topic.


It might also be worth adding the Generations to the Titles for the Viper as this Topic here includes both the 2003 - 2006 ZB I and the 2008 - 2010 ZB II (the Third and Fourth Gen of the Viper)

I’m not sure if it actually needs to be split as they’re fairly similar on the surface but the ZB II did make some pretty big mechanical changes underneath. Also the First and Second Gen SR’s are separate which means splitting this would also help with continuity.

With the Generations in mind the First Gen is called the SR I

And the Second Gen is the SR II

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@T10ManteoMax To de-clutter this thread, would it be possible to have a separate thread for any thread-merging requests?

A lot of the posts in here are about merging two or more threads into one, so having those off to the side from any other questions/corrections would make it more organised overall in my opinion.

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Here’s another few for Merging.

This one is the NA Generation produced from 1989 until 1997. I’m not sure if you want to keep a separate Race Spec Topic just for this generation or make it a more general one for all MX-5’s.

And finally this one is a bit mislabeled, it should be the 2010 Mazda MX-5 Superlight.

It can be merged into the NC but I don’t think it belongs there as it’s basically a Roadster Concept Car meant to show how light the MX-5 can become.


There is also a 2010 MX-5 Super20 Cup Car which has featured in Forza but that’s more inline with the normal NC than the Superlight roadster is.

If you make the current NA Gen Cup Car Topic more general then it can go into there.

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The AMG GT’s I think should stay seperate as they’re basically two seperate cars in their intent.

Can you split Solterra? Solterra, while based on Toyota bZ4X, it is more focused on OffRoad

TTMM: Keeping them combined due to platform, as with Porsche 911 Dakar etc.

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Here’s another 3 for potential Merging, these are all various Pro-level Drift Cars so they could probably just go into a singular “Nissan Silvia S15 Pro Drift Spec” Topic.

Here’s some more Topics for merging, I had a look at the Skylines for this one.

[TTMM: “aftermarket variant” topics are now open for the R32, R33, and R34]

R34 Factory Models

The Z-Tune is a Performance Trim

[TTMM: Still thinking about this one given that the R34 GT-R is in FH5 and the Z-Tune is not but more popular]

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While the team will never give out an exact number of votes for any car X to be considered, i’d say that 100- maximum 150 would be a good estimate for the minimum threshold for consideration, as that is in the low triple digits, something which would mark significant interest in a sea of 20s-30s

Which is why a few have started to stick information and images to cars available for voting. I myself enjoy very obscure cars and modern race cars so I excel in those if you couldn’t tell by my topic submissions :joy:. Trying to do better and more informative requests for ya Max :wink:

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I still think that you should make sure people dont just be posting car photos on threads
i usualy try post more info like text, links or videos but most people just go like

“I want this car”

i recommend to put a system that only like first 3 or 4 posts have photos and rest should be text only or something like that

Also please, make people engage more in talk and avoid repeat the same “i want this car” posting over and over

There is people that post only photos of the same model ad nauseam (meaning) and people that post the same model over and over instead of check the forums and like the posts if they saw a car they like

I had been trying to warning people trying to at least mitigate that but i think that even myself is getting redundant as well, i had been trying beacuse i like the vote option and its a great oportunity to car talk and see the differences on cars around the world

Sadly not anyone is prone to talk and go just begging about the cars they want

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Can you look into threads where the op is being edited constantly to bump the thread to the top of the suggestions.


Vision GTs are cars made sorely and exclusivitly to another racing game series and therefore are probably impossible to join Forza, i recommend them to be take off the list to avoid future confusion

Those are the cars i had found that you already had acidentally put on the list




If that’s the case with exclusivity then wrc, & f1 cars listed would have to be removed as well?

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WRC and F1 could be obtened as soon the championship regulaments change or in other ways
Is not the case with the Visions since their licences are probablly indefninte

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I’ve removed the Vision topics but in general the goal here is to track player interest, not likelihood of a car being available for licensing, so the other topics will remain open.