FH Car Voting - Questions and Corrections (READ the first post)

Just a quick question, why are users limited on the amount of things they can vote for? Won’t that throw off accurate numbers of votes if and when new topics get added?

What’s the limit?

Update about it: votes keeps very hard for Horizon than motorsports, specially in track-only cars, even if you give the option for vote on both, most of posters seems voting only on horizon

I ask again: remove this vote, let only the main car vote and let devs to decide what cars they want for Horizon and Motorsport based on users votes FOR CARS ONLY


Because the H playerbase is much bigger than the M one? I for example don’t plan to buy FM7 or what ever comes next. So I simply don’t vote for it.

There is nothing wrong in prefer Horizon (i like both by the way), but the problem is that some cars that deserve be on Motorsport first, but wont be a option beacuse people only think about Horizon

Makes devs falsely think that nobody wants cars for new motorsports beacuse people will vote always more for Horizon than Motorsport

Therafore i think that to avoid this mistake, votes should be focused JUST on general car vote, and votes about if people want the car on Horizon or Motorsport should be retired, beacuse the majority of active users right now ONLY care about Horizon, leaving the ones that care about Motorsport in a BIG disavantage

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This isn’t the case. We’re aware of the current volume of Horizon players vs Motorsport players, which will naturally skew the voting balance up until the release of Forza Motorsport. In any case, polls give the teams additional context for who’s voting either way, and more information is always helpful. There’s no reason for concern there, and as I pointed out in the Car Voting Guidance topic pinned in this section, there are a variety of factors that impact car development.


I hope that the developer can take into account that vehicles in lower regions of the global market can be multiplied by a certain proportion of weighted numbers when determining the types of vehicles to be added
In particular, the forum is in pure English, so that the proportion of users from other non-English-speaking countries is even lower.
For example, I am in Taiwan. The popular car series in Taiwan are mainly Japanese cars. If there are more Japanese cars in FORZA, it will be more beneficial to the promotion of the whole Asia.
But the voting area is in English, and Asian players are less likely to come here, let alone come in to find categorys and understand the rules to vote.
If that the weighted numbers of vehicles in different regions can be added as a reference when considering adding vehicle types, so that the FORZA series can go global better.


Thank you for this note. We will be discussing this point internally.


Many cars popular on southeast asia are also popular in latin america, and those also dont talk english

I do agree cars more focused on those areas should be more focused as well, i had done a list with those sometime ago and most cars are still yet to show up for vote


Yes, I believe that the region is not the only indicator that can be used as a reference, but also the popular car models in English-speaking countries and popular markets for games,etc
And I also believe that the decision to added the China’s affordable cars and sports cars was also driven by marketing, not voting
There’s no perfect way to calculate it, but every vote is even rarer for some cars outside of popular areas
Thank youand devs reply.



Any update on when we’ll see the previous suggestions section updated?

We’re currently discussing the initial Suggestions Hub data internally and first need to complete those discussions before landing on any items to put in the Previously Considered list. That may happen by end of December but just as possible it will be January.

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Hey there! Hope you’re all good.

First of all, I like to thank you for this forum as it is a great way of getting in touch with each other and for us the Forza fans to suggest new cars, features and other stuff we’d like to see within the franchise. So, thank you for that.

Personally, I love having a car suggestion segment from which I know it will be looked after by the right people.

But there is something that confuses me. Up to now we have a huge list of suggested cars. A really fun list to be honest. And I have been very motivated with voting. But unfortunately now I am somewhat out of votes…? What? I have only started to work through the list and just came to the Ford brand and I already can’t vote anymore? Why? Why the limitation? That kind of bugs me.

That was a default limit. Interesting to see how quickly some users reached it!

I have increased the limit so you are now free to move around the voting cabin.

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Hey @T10ManteoMax , any chance to put a system that make people stop flood the voting posts with the same type of post that only says the model of a car or post photos of the same car variant more than 2 or 3 times?

Its getting annoying how much people, instead of tell why they want the car on the games or show other models, only seems to put a single car or even ask for a specific model on cars THAT HAS ONLY 1 MODEL (ie Hyundai 74. Ioniq 5, Nismo 400R), i had talked with some users that does in order to try minimize it but they seemed to ingore me and keep insisting on it

Please, Make people talk better about the cars and use the like commentary feature for specific variants they want, like commentary exists for a reason


Suggestion: i know it sounds dumb and reduntant but dear @T10ManteoMax , can you put a pin post titlted “The car vote is for BOTH Motorsport and Horizon, have it on mind” ?

lot of users seems to think the car vote is only for Horizon


@T10ManteoMax any chance of forcing users to read the suggestions guidelines before posting for the first time?


I think some of these Ferrari models should stay separated, e.g. 360 Modena and Challenge Stradale, F12berlinetta and F12tdf or 512 TR and F512 M - to distinct cars that are currently present in Forza from those that were available in the past or could come in the future :slight_smile:

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I mean, the Gallardo Superleggera and Spyder are also in Forza, and yet, both are now merged into the same voting topic, plus, having stuff like the F12s merged would fit in with earlier statements by Max:

so i’ll stay in support of my earlier merger collection

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Hey Max, Vios is different of Yaris, it used to be similar but now they are 2 different cars, specially since Yaris is focused for european and Japanese markets and vios is for rest of world

In some places the vios is still called the yaris but they are basically a different car

Not just it, fuse both cars makles the car that is already tending to be covered up for being a southeast aisia/latin america focused car , Yaris thread is already focused on GR, let Vios shine on its on on different place, specially since vios has its own championsips

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