FH Car Voting - Questions and Corrections (READ the first post)

You don’t until it’s released (or some outlet talks about it, as has happened with the Venturi Atlantique)

when I create a post, it shows ‘‘You are not permitted to view the requested resource.’’


I noticed that a few cars which were on the FH4 wishlist and later added into that game yet never made it into FH5 are missing a voting entry.
Would we need to request those cars to be added for voting again or are you planning to add those entries from the previous list?


I’m planning to add a voting entry for every past and current Forza models, so for sake of keeping the Submissions thread tidy, no need to add them to it. The initial list of voting topics was based on models that had a minimum of 2 user requests in my last tally of the FH4 car wishlist thread.


How many votes are needed for approval?

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See the disclaimer in the pinned messages here: FH Car Voting - Guidance and Index


@T10ManteoMax For car suggestions, if a car which is liked and upvoted cannot be implemented into the game (licensing, difficulty, etc), will we at least be informed that its not possible to do so, so that we may stop asking for it?

Generally Turn 10 will not disclose any details relating to licensing status. More likely we would list vehicle types that are out of the scope of the game.

I recommend to review how the various models of Renault Alpine are listed, some are under A for Alpine whilst others are under R for Renault. For consistency I would recommend to list all of them as Renault Alpine.
This affects the following:
Alpine A108 1958-1965
Alpine A110 1600 1973-1975
Alpine A310 1971-1976
Alpine A310 1977-1985
Renault Alpine A610 1991-1995
Renault Alpine Celebration concept 2015-2015
Renault Alpine GTA Le Mans 1990-1990

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@T10ManteoMax Dear Max, I really appreciate the effort that is put into the car listing/voting and also that you’re willing to listen to related suggestions and for example implemented that vote specifying for which game(s) we want a specific car!

The problem is that at least in this case here there’s so much wrong with the “presentation” that the whole good effort basically flies out of the window.

I’ll list a couple of points below to show you what the issue specifically with this case here is:

  • RS (Renault Sport) cars are something different from ordinary Renaults. RS is basically the AMG or M Power for Renault and their cars often drastically differ from their normal counterparts. The Clio RS 200 for example has a unique “bodykit” that makes it look quite different from all the other Clios of it’s generation. It has wider arches, a different front with an F1-style blade, a rear diffusor and some other optical modifications normal Clios don’t have. They also come with Brembo brakes (calipers) in the front, have a wider track, faster steering rack, better suspension and so on.

  • The car I suggested is not an ordinary Clio Mk3 built between 2009-2014. The Clio III RS Phase 2 or 200 as it’s called was only produced from 2009-2012. You simply looked up the production timeline for the 3rd generation of Clios on wiki and took over the until 2014 which is simply wrong and leads to unnecessary confusion.

  • This specific car is only available with one single type of engine. A natural aspirated 2.0 Liter gasoline engine with 200 hp (hence the name 200). So having a vote asking which type of engine doesn’t makes sense (especially not a Diesel one).

I could continue and tell you that normal 3rd gen Clios where also available as 4-door versions while the RS only came as 2-door and much more but I think you got the point by now.

Here is an optical comparison:

Ordinary Clio III Phase 2

Clio III RS 200 Phase 2

I guess you can make out the differences.

And just as a sidenote. Here is the car and how it’s named in FH4.

What you did here basically is turning a suggestion for a specific version of a car into a general suggestion for the whole model generation. Which is not what was intended.

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Yes, that is the intention of this voting structure, to prevent weighted bias in models that have more variants than others. If there were 5 users interested in the DeLorean, which really only had one version, and 5 users interested in the Renault III who got to vote on each specific model name as topics, it would appear that the community interest in the Renault was many times larger than the DeLorean when in fact it would be 5 vs 5. BMW M3 requests go in the same base model 3-series requests in the same generation, as with Audi A/S/RS and so on.

I am editing threads to correct in this direction and you’ll see the note at the top of each topic: 1) Vote on the topic to show interest in the model generation, 2) reply to the topic to indicate which specific variant you want to see in the game. This way the developers can observe general interest in a car model and then factor in specific requests to which car variants are available for development and make sense to add to the game.


How do we find out if someone has already suggested a car or feature that we want to suggest?
Scroll up, or use Search.


Citroën DS: Why so many? There are 5 different topics to vote on for the DS, but other cars get crushed down into one topic

Sugestion: Change GT/Touring Spec to just Race Car Spec for all Racing Spec Cars on list
Some cars like the Honda Civic and Ford Mustang has various types of Racing car, not just GT/Touring

Hey Max, do you know how long it takes to the cars on request will become able to vote? i had been still waiting to vote and send the vote link on some cars like the Honda N-One or the Hyundai HB20 but they are not on the voting list yet

I know that the voting list isnt supposed to be every car ever but most of the cars i wanted to vote are popular cars in Brazil and Asia, some like HB20 are even on locals most wished car list for both Horizon and Motorsport

Here is the link of re, from 10 days ago, sending just incase if you had forgot by accident

I ask sorry if is bothersome, but it is something that really wanted to know more, the process of put a car to vote

This week I’m catching up on racing models (about 200 topics added in the last five days) and cleaning up some of the links in the index list. My next wave is to go through and make sure every past Forza model has a topic, then go back to the Submissions thread. I am trying to get to it all as fast as possible but it will take some time.


Hi, Hope you are having a good day. I have read all the pinned threads but the site still displays the ‘refresh for pinned threads’ message. I have gone through the discobot tutorial. Have I missed something?

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I’ve changed this to “See pinned Guidance” - since users might be confused about why they can’t create a New Topic in certain areas of the forums such as Car Voting, I’m exploring efforts on how to use the forums tools to help with user navigation and information.

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@T10ManteoMax Small thing, thank you for adding categories to most-all the cars in the list, makes it so much easier to find cars from a manufacturer if you only remember the shape of it (Or to find some cars at all, like the DS Automobiles DS 9)


Imo, it looks like the fact that horizon was the last game out people are voting for cars to be included in horizon and not motorsport.

Eg. Lambo sto is the track version. Motorsport is the logical choice yet horizon has more votes.

I’m not sure what if any influence these votes have on t10/pgg but hopefully they won’t be blindly followed

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Sadly (maybe due the hiatus), Most of fanbase Nowadays is from Horizon and to be honest they seems not care much about motorsport

I think that it should be better to remove this vote indeed

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